Rephrase your life for success and joy with Soul Arkitect

Any issues in life; be it Business, Personal, Finance, or relationship, have a cause and this cause is hidden in the building of the home or office. Balancing these energies brings harmony and peace in life as the problem gets a solution.

Rephrase your life for success and joy with Soul Arkitect

Soul Arkitect offers a scientific approach to the ancient Sciences of Vastu Numerology and Healing.

After completing around 13 years of Sales and Marketing career in the Middle East with various International I.T Brands, Imthyaz was drawn to settle back in India. He then ventured into his own Real Estate Company and eventually got connected to the ancient knowledge of the Occult Scientific World.

“Delete unwanted memories, start a fresh new life”

Starting with Reiki and other healing modalities, in the following years, he studied Earth Energies, Earth Meridians, Cosmic Intelligence, Hartmann and Curry Grids, Elemental Science (TattvaShastra), Building Marmasthans (Structure Meridians), VastuShastra, Nameology with Numerology and was also awarded the title of “Vaastu Acharya” by his favorite and respectful teacher (Guru).



"Imthyaz also uses techniques to heal the mind from Traumas, Age Regression, Life Regression Therapies, Spirit & Entity Release and Clearing, Phobia and related Mind Dynamics to design at the soul level"

Currently, Imthyaz is finishing his Post Graduation in Trans-Personal, Inter-Dimensional, and Para-Normal Healing. He also works in clearing Spirits, Possessions, and Negative Entities with Scientific and Professional Modalities by working at various levels with the body-mind, and spirit.