A startup enabling online healthcare facilities

This Bengaluru startup is enabling access to doctors and healthcare facilities in rural areas through video calls.

A startup enabling online healthcare facilities

With a population of 1.38 billion India faces the scarcity of proper and quality healthcare.This has always been a topic of concern in the country. The pandemic outbreak added to this misery. The country has realized the importance of giving access to healthcare to everyone.This is where the idea of telemedicine and online consultation creeps into the minds of people.

After witnessing the miseries of people regarding healthcare access in rural areas, Sudarsan Parida and Rajesh Gaikwad launched 5e Healthcare in 2019 with an initial investment of $100K to tackle the issue of accessibility.

5e Healthcare facilitates patients to find doctors online and book an appointment with them. This startup provides a mobile technology platform to facilitate video consultations with doctors. It is working with diagnostic labs and sample collection centers to ease the availability of pathology tests in rural areas.

They uniquely designed their startup. Sudarsan claims that he along with his team is creating a pool of emergencies and critical care specialist doctors who would provide consultation 24X7 and would connect patients to the nearest hospital in case of emergency. The reason behind using video call for consultation is the fact that he entrusts video call can only be the way that could provide a patient with a real clinic like experience during the consultation. It also tends to increase the trust of patients as they can see their doctors and have a conversation with them.

They intend to have 40 hospitals, one national-level diagnostic player, and 30 local levels diagnostic players in their network in the next six months. Sudarsan is looking forward to recording about 100 online consultations on the platform every day and 90 in-patient treatments every month.