An eco-friendly startup

Founded in January 2020 by Nitika Sonkiya, MyOnEarth is a startup that provides a range of sustainable lifestyle products using three simple raw materials.

An eco-friendly startup

The idea of startup MyOnEarth culminated in Nitika Sonkhiya’s brain when she first used a bamboo toothbrush six years ago. Being concerned about the environment, Nitika adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle. She also realized that she was not alone in this, several people share her love for nature. But, the biggest concern was the lack of availability of products at an economical price. It started with a B2B model catering to domestic and international customers but the pandemic pushed the venture towards D2C brand.

MyOnEarth provides a range of natural products comprising of just three ingredients- bamboo, coconut coir and coconut shell. Her products encompass kitchen and home decor, personal care, travel, fashion, and stationery.

Nitika formed an alliance with Jaipur based NGO that helps local women to be financially independent by facilitating them local jobs. This way Nitika has employed around 50 artisans on design and handicraft for MyOnEarth. She is glad to help these women amidst the crisis due to the pandemic.

Started her business with an initial investment of just Rs 10 lakhs, Nitika holds the view that the eco-friendly market in India is budding and it requires proper nurturing. Her mission is to provide access to eco-friendly products at an affordable rate. She is trying to reduce the prices of her products gradually. The cost of a bamboo toothbrush went down from Rs99 to Rs 60.

The efforts and hard work of Nitika paid off and within a year, the startup bagged revenues of Rs50 lakh. Even Covid -19 couldn’t stop her firm dedication leading her company to sail through the crisis.