We all have heard the phrase that not all superhero wear capes and Shraddha Saxena who is an Advocate by profession practicing in supreme Court of India have proved it time and again. There are some people who stay silent and bear and then there are some who speak up and fight.


All of us face challenges but how many of us don’t give up and use those challenges as an advantage? Those who do become an inspiration for all of us. Fortunately, today we have such a story with us of Advocate Shraddha Saxena who not only stood for her but others as well. She saw that human rights violation starts from our homes only when we give more importance to our sons than to our daughters. She started by organizing workshops for the same and by educating women about their basic rights. The incident that changed her completely was the one where she fought for a 14-year-old girl who was raped. After this incident, she neither looked back nor stopped for a minute. She started fighting for both women/human rights. Seeing her fighting for women's rights and their safety U.P. government awarded her with the “Main Hu Beti award” in 2018. In the same year, she also became Human rights
Ambassador of a Brazilian NGO- Noble Order of human excellence. Not only this Shraddha is also a Global brand Ambassador of “A world at school” organization working for UNO for the education of students.

She completed her B.Sc. IN 2013 and her LL.B. in 2016. She has represented India in the World youth summit, South Asian human rights summit, and in many conferences among many countries such as Bangladesh, Finland, the United Nations, and Switzerland. Shraddha arranged funds for around 2,20,000 Syrian refugee students from world leaders through Skype and e-mails to enroll them in Lebanon schools and also helped in the rehabilitation of thousands of Syrian children.

She once told in an interview that she would continue her fight for quality of education and youth right till her last breath. She even told that her father Mr. Vijay Prakash Saxena who is also an Advocate is her inspiration and has always motivated her. Apart from this Shraddha is also a Sports fitness enthusiast. Her interest is in Travelling and Adventure and is a Former NCC cadet who had upheld the rank of Senior under officer in her tenure (2010-2012). She has been the Best cadet of NCC and has won many awards such as the bravery award, “Kamyab 26” award by Dainik Jagran, a special prize from the Indian Veterinary research institute for a biological research project and has been titled as “Human Rights Crusader” by Josh magazine of Dainik Jagran. She is now a Mentor for start-ups and Corporates and looks after their legal compliances and her motto is to help every start-up to become a Unicorn. She represents her clients before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, lower Courts, and Tribunals such as NCLT, NCLAT, NCDRC, NGT, CAT, etc. Her practice area includes civil and criminal matters, Bail matters, company matters, IBC matters, service matters, matrimonial matters, property, and land acquisition matters, arbitration, and debt recovery, and has experience in drafting all range of Show cause notices, Legal and Demand Notices.

She has drafted all range of Legal documents, commercial contracts like Shareholder agreement, Sale of share agreement, Share Sale purchase agreement, Service agreement, Master supplier service Agreement, Mutual Non-disclosure agreement, NDA's, Agreement for Accounting Services, Agreement for professional service, Mutual Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement, Extension of the agreement, Supplementary agreement, Celebrity Agreement, Agreements including strategic commercial Agreements with business partners. She has also drafted/ negotiated/ supervised all range of commercial and corporate contracts including LOI, MOU, Co-founder agreement, EULA (End User License Agreement), Privacy Agreement, Supply/Services Contracts, Software Licensing and Development Contract, or the Joint Venture contract with the commercial arrangement on Revenue Sharing basis and also reviewed/vetted, finalized and negotiated a full range of commercial & Corporate contracts. She is a POSH trainer, as well.
This “women of steel” has inspired us to be brave and has taught us to never stop seeing obstacles