Grasp & Learn with India’s Leading Industry Based Training Academy: Piyush Academy - Piyush Katyayan – Founder

Piyush Academy is virtual academy. They offer training and innovation centre solution to schools and colleges. Piyush mentioned they train in the area of coding, Cloud Computing, Organic farming, Fashion, Food Technology, Cosmetic Makeover, Design Thinking, Automotive etc.

Grasp & Learn with India’s Leading Industry Based Training Academy: Piyush Academy - Piyush Katyayan – Founder

Start your career in technology domain today under guidance of experts.


Piyush Academy is virtual academy. They offer training and innovation centre solution to schools and colleges. Piyush mentioned they train in the area of coding, Cloud Computing, Organic farming, Fashion, Food Technology, Cosmetic Makeover, Design Thinking, Automotive etc.


Piyush was the elder son in my family. His childhood was not that stable. I was sent by my parents to a boarding school for my initial studies. When he was in 5th Standard, all of a sudden, they realised that he was becoming decrepit very frequently and did not send him back to boarding when he came for his winter vacations. He got admission in a school in Jamshedpur where parents always wrangled about language. This generally happens in Bihar and Jharkhand. In his childhood, I was reticent and nervy even in small things. However, the root cause was of my stammering problem. I used to Stammer till I was in college. It was just not stammer, however my overall personality. My parents and I strived every probable way to fix this; but failed. Mr Katyayan told us that his life changed when he began teaching in 2003. He was pursuing B.Sc (Computer) in Pune. Gradually, one day he realized, teaching is a profession which improved his communication skills. He was good in C programming language and his cousin commenced a new computer institute, he requested him to give him a chance and he agreed. It was his first job and he loved it. After then he had given his 3rd year exam, corporate life attracted him like all my friends and I joined one of the companies which remotely fix the broadband issues. It was 2004 when broadband was just introduced in India. He got trained, and in one of the training sessions, my trainer said that I could not do this job because I couldn’t utter properly. He bequeathed me 15 days to enhance and he was evident that he was not making it. However, he cleared the training and got selected and after that never looked behind. That was a turning point in his life. That instance made me unwavering. If he wishes to do anything in my life that he can succeed. He worked 15 years in I.T industry with many MNC’s, but never got job satisfaction. He got chance couple of years to train new joiners. He mentioned he  felt happy and realized that he could speak breviloquently before audience for long time. And audience also listened to him sagaciously and used to give good feedbacks. He started planning entrepreneurship around 5 years ago. He tried few ventures while he was working, however that did not workout. During the onset of Covid, he felt there are many people sitting jobless at home. He saw people leaving metros and went back to their native places. He then started conducting free-sessions for common people of Bihar and Jharkhand online. Endeavoured to motivate them as well. Many people came back and appreciated. I thought why don’t they begin training people online globally. He suggested it to a few of them and they started earning well.

 Later, he came to know about Microsoft Certified Trainer programme he applied and got certified by Microsoft. Later those days of Covid 1st wave was arrant in Pune. Many organizations started asking people to leave. He was ready and discussed with my wife that he always wanted to get in Entrepreneurship and contribute to the society. Nonetheless, He was dubious how he could do this. He had only asset of his computer knowledge and its specialization. He then planned “PIYUSH ACADEMY”. This is what he believed as best at that moment.  There were many people in the world wanted to learn Technology from their home. People started understanding the significance of technology. However, at the same time they didn’t have the skill set. He mentioned he had already trained 5000+ students in the last 1.5 years. Most of them new in the technology area. He  has trained students from India, US, UK, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many more countries.

Provocation in My Way

Piyush confronted many hurdles and in every moment of his life he has to struck with menace. He tried his best to cope up with it and stood on my foot making my ground firm and strong. He made my heart and mind resilient & stead-fast. He says when his students say that they could have learnt something new after my training, when they call him after getting promotions and clearing interviews. An inner pleasure, delight & a feeling of success evoke out from him.

Notion of Institute Start up

Piyush was the only employee along with a group of trainers, HR and the Admin team. The Academy started from Pune and now are also present in Ranchi. In forth-coming financial year, we’ll begin setting up 5 new branches in Jharkhand. In India, still there are fewer number people in the training business from core industry background. This is the root cause of skilled resources which are not coming right away from colleges, except from few of the colleges like IIT and IIM. “PIYUSH ACADEMY” could try to mitigate and replenish this gap. In some extent, we got success.

Challenges Confronted & Motivation

We started this academy in Nov, 2000. According to him, he believes that teaching is a respectful profession and a profession of eternity. He has not only received reverence, money; but at the same time blessings from students and their families also.  Initially, it was an arduous decision to leave corporate job with fixed income and get into entrepreneurship. Convincing family and friends had never been so easy. His wife believes in him and has always been motivating him by corroborating during his hard times.

Services Provided

  • Piyush Academy provide Training and Consulting services in the Area of Cloud Technology, Agritech, Business Analytics and Project Management.
  • We provide world class service through our world class consultants. We have professionals certified from Microsoft, IBM and Cisco. 
  • We conduct training in Critical Technology Domain like Cloud, Data Science, Cloud Networking and DevOps.
  • We also provide them live projects for hands-on practice and make them ready for the industry.
  • Piyush Academy online training is based on live sessions. We record all the sessions and share with students for life time.

Employee Niceties

There are 5 employees as of now in the team. All employees are working from home. They are located in different parts of country. They are highly motivated and satisfied. We are going to follow the same pattern always.

Existent Status Quo

They are in both Retail and Corporate specialized training while conducting live online training. They have been in profit from the first day of business. They plan to start the offline mode soon with their franchisee model. They are also working with future teachers.

Future Plans/Franchise Model

Franchise Model is our main focus in terms of our future business plans.

Franchising offers people a chance to own, manage, and direct their own business without having to take all the associated risks. This aspect has allowed many people to open businesses of their own who might never have done so otherwise. Franchising plays a significant role in the modern-day economy.

Even in hard times, name brands have the upper hand when it comes to attracting customers. Franchise brands are known for consistency and quality, and that results in both national and local confidence in the product or service.

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