Healthtech startup SigTuple Technologies is leveraging the facility of AI in healthcare

Based out of Bengaluru, SigTuple Technologies combines AI, robotics, and data science to build smart healthcare screening solutions.

Healthtech startup SigTuple Technologies is leveraging the facility of AI in healthcare

The two words that best illustrate the soul of Tathagato Rai Dastidar who ic the Co-organizer and CEO of SigTuple Technologies are hard-working and industrious. A graduate of IIT Kharagpur, he lost his father to misdiagnosis of intense myeloid leukemia. This drove him to stop his cushiony work and take the innovative street. Regardless of not knowing clinical sciences, Tathagato was certain that medical services had a ton of information, which was not being effectively utilized

In June this year, Tathagato needed to relinquish the two fellow benefactors. Notwithstanding, despite the difficulties, he is set to take his startup to more noteworthy statures. 

SigTuple is one of the 21 RAISE 2020 victors. The medical services startup has brought $40.8 million up in subsidizing up until now and is sponsored by any semblance of Accel Partners and Chiratae Ventures. 

SigTuple was established in 2015 with the desire to mechanize the manual survey of visual clinical information by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). Tathagata's point was to make the life of a doctor easy, remove manual mistakes, and empower telemedicine so that screening tests can be made open to a bigger populace. In mid-2015, Tathagato quit his job at Tribune Digital Ventures to establish a health tech startup. he said that they began in the field of microscopic tests of blood samples. Consequently, SigTuple fanned out to pee and semen microscopy, and retinal picture examination. The group has distributed a few exploration papers and has been conceded 11 licenses too. Pursue our selective bulletins. Buy in to look at our mainstream pamphlets. After running various clinical approvals, SigTuple got global administrative leeway (CE mark) for two of its items.