Huddl5: host video-watching events and find people with the same interests!

Huddl5 is a startup that connects people over their interests in video content. People can finally host and attend video watching and binge-watching sessions together be it movies, football matches, YouTube videos, or else.

Huddl5: host video-watching events and find people with the same interests!

Huddl5 is a platform for connecting people with similar interests in movies, TV shows, sports matched, or any other video content. Simply login, view what people with similar interests are watching, schedule a show with others by either posting a video watching event of your own or by joining video watching events posted by other users. Whether it’s a horror movie or a documentary about zebras in Africa, you can always find somebody interested in watching it with you on Huddl5. Huddl5 is a secure, easy to use platform where you can find partners for watching movies or any other video content of your choice from the comfort of your own home. You can chat and share views on Huddl5 while watching your favorite movies and discuss every scene/dialogue without ever having to step out of your home! No more hassles, no more travels and no more standing in queues for tickets. It’s flexible, easy to use, safe and protects your privacy, always!

Huddl5 lets you connect with a maximum of five users in an interactive session to watch your favorite video content. The session is restricted to a maximum of five users in order to ensure a more personalized experience for users enjoying their favorite videos together. You can stay connected with partners with whom you have watched a show on Huddl5 and can invite them to future events that you may post on Huddl5.

Streaming services such as Netflix are altering the way people watch television. With the trend of releasing entire seasons in a single go, binge-watching is gaining traction. In addition, with the presence of entire seasons of say, one’s favorite sitcom, again television viewing time has changed to a more binge-watching form. In this scenario, Huddl5 has a unique positioning to be a social networking medium of choice for people hooked to streaming services.

Founded by Wasim Akram, Huddl5 is based in Pakistan and has joined FasterCapital to raise the capital needed. Huddle5 is currently raising $250K.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, commented on this partnership, "Our team is looking forward to helping Huddl5 raise the capital it needs and to matching it with the right funding sources."

Are you interested in investing in Huddl5? Please feel free to reach out to the founder Wasim Akram.