Journey of Durvesh Yadav: From Failing in Government Exams to now an Inspiration for the schools and college students

Durvesh Yadav is a serial entrepreneur, an author, a micro-influencer and founder at Rising star Digital Media. Today an inspiration for young minds of schools and colleges Durvesh had fought multiple rejections and came back stronger each time. There was a phase in his life when his priorities were different, his hopes were high and there were several opportunities that he was excited about but unfortunately, he received a curt as fate had something else in store for him.

Journey of Durvesh Yadav: From Failing in Government Exams to now an Inspiration for the schools and college students

It goes without saying, rejection is tough for all of us, and subsequently everything is predestined as everything happens for a reason. Durvesh dealt with rejection with poise and professionalism and never let his self-esteem down. He had extracted lessons from his experience in 2016 when he used to appear for Government exams despite being objectively an excellent candidate for the job but to no avail.
Today he feels grateful that he had reached the extra mile by choosing a different path and actually implemented something that he had just once dreamt of.

Durvesh Yadav is the author of the book ‘What they don’t Teach us’ that conveys a strong message to young people that no one teaches them in society, school or college. Durvesh’s true dedication towards his commitment and passion made him reach greater heights.

He always believes “Life is like Google, you get results when you want and search for it”. Indeed, rejection is not the end-all-be-all and his experience had helped him, in the long run, to become more resilient in his life. His real success in life came after a string of failures in Government Exams as he kept that self faith and dream intact. His ‘never say no’ attitude together with his unique vision puts him ahead of everyone that garnered the level of respect and this point of difference makes him stand apart from the crowd. He is of the view that one necessarily never need a degree to achieve something in life, often what it takes is sheer determination and perseverance which is the key that lets you reach the top of your game.

Not to forget, failure and rejection are minor speed bumps on the road to success. Not everyone who goes on top today are there with success after success. At times failure becomes the first step towards success and Durvesh’s story is the live example. People in our society may view failure in a negative light but in the real world failure is the stepping stone to becoming successful in future. Everybody is born with some talents and gifted with something special within them that make them different from others and one must identify the talent which makes it stand out among others.

Durvesh concludes by saying “No matter who you are and what you do or how many times you got failed, every human being is born with some purpose and everybody is entrusted with some blessings unlooked-for in the form of God’s gift. Destiny will never hold you back from living your life and it will take you wherever you are actually meant to be. One must not lose faith from themselves, keep trying and act on your dream.”

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