Krushali Bagadia, an Entrepreneur and an Interior & Graphic Designer, achieving greater heights against all odds .

Today, we have covered the story of Krushali Bagadia, An Entrepreneur by heart and the founder of KB Design. KB Design comes up with the best solution that meets the imagination and needs of people.

Krushali Bagadia, an Entrepreneur and an Interior & Graphic Designer, achieving greater heights against all odds .

Initial story

Anything related to art, design, or photography has always appealed to her since she was in school. Her desire to acquire and master that skill developed it into a professional career for her.

In 2017, she started part-time work in graphic design followed by full-time work in interior design, later on.

She began working after graduation in 2018. BBA, Bsc Interior Designing, and Diploma in Graphic and Web Design are among her qualifications.

Journey Ahead

Her confidence was boosted when she got her first client, and her journey began from there.

Her artwork, in general, speaks louder than her words. She began gaining business through social media, word of mouth, and Whatsapp, and she hasn't looked back since.


Talking about the challenges she faced in her path was competition; the field is very competitive and saturated with diverse designers offering their services at their best prices.

Speaking to Startup Times she said, "Every next door has an interior designer or graphic designer. It's very challenging to get clients in this highly competitive market."

Krushali's attractive and cost-effective design is what defines her work as unique and the best fit for the client; her out-of-the-box ideas and top-notch services that clients can enjoy the benefits are also pluses that add value and impression to her projects. She ensures that her clients have a sufficient number of variations for the same design to choose from. She never limits herself when it comes to her creativity. She says, "Designing is something you create and create, it never stops."


She believes in never giving up; " We may feel like giving up on various journeys throughout our lives, but the realization should hit us that our toughest times often lead us to the best destinations of our life."

Krushali firmly follows that "Keep going should be our Mantra".

Krushali seeks new chances every day, and she enjoys devoting her time to the work that she likes. Unveiling new facets of design, experiencing them, and, at the end of the day, extracting value from them is all part of her daily routine. This quality of hers is evident in her work; she comes up with new ideas and designs that meet the needs of the client.

She keeps learning new software and trends that are coming in the market to polish her existing talents and improve her hand in the design. All of this combines to make her portfolio of work appealing, one-of-a-kind, outstanding and cost-effective for her clients.

KB Design is a freelancing Interior and Graphic Design studio based in Chennai that offers a wide range of design services, including Residential, Commercial, Visual, Graphics and much more. Unbelievably Innovative and Undoubtedly Practical.

"Inspiration is powerful, but it isn't easy"

The process of observant learning is something that Krushali admires. Everyone we contact or see has something significant to teach us, whether directly or indirectly. She also tries to learn new things and use them as inspiration for her creations.

Future Goal

Currently, she offers her skills on social media platforms and in catalogues. She decided to begin her own company which will provide all services linked to design, in a few years as part of her future endeavours.

We wish you all the best for her bright future!