Lessons an early kick start of an entrepreneurial journey taught – Satyam Mehta

“The sooner you start planning your life, the sooner you will live the life you dream of.” The Co-founder of Rural Invest and JunkGuards, Satyam Mehta believes the same. In an interview, he shared how he started at an early stage and the great lessons that he learnt in his entrepreneurial journey.

Lessons an early kick start of an entrepreneurial journey taught – Satyam Mehta

Entrepreneurial skills are a complete package of innovations, risk-taking capacity, creativity, critical thinking and a mind to transform mere thought and passion into a profuse output. However, Satyam feels one needs to have a vision, and the skill to detect a ‘need-gap’ and find solutions for it. 

He said, from childhood he was a keen observer of the problems and always tried to find solutions passionately. With passing years at the onset of adolescence, he realised problem-solving is a skill that can be practiced at any stage. It doesn’t require any specific age. He implied his academics in real life. He gave practicality to bookish knowledge. There he started his entrepreneurial journey with the help of his classmates who had the same interest as Satyam. 

If you wish to start your entrepreneurial journey from an early stage, these amazing lessons by Satyam are going to boost your confidence and will probably show you a right track. 

Prior Observe, Read, Research

He said that an individual could have a wonderful idea with which you can start your entrepreneurial journey. However, it is necessary to do research about the industry that you are going into, target customers, the existing problems and competitors in the market and how you think to solve those issues or gaps.

Study the industry until you have an in-depth knowledge of the industry, competition, target customers, existing players of the market. Research and assess the required skill before kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey. Mere passion without any skill is almost equal to nothing. Always master the required skills to succeed exceptionally in future.

Take Guidance of your Mentor

Having a mentor is a blessing. He/ She can show and guide you in the right path. A proper guidance will help you to put live to your business ideas. He shared “Your mentor could be anyone from whom you are inspired. For me, I found my mentor in my brother. He always helped me to get on the correct track. In past years, I had seen in my building his own entrepreneurial company and even, I learnt from him about problem-solving. He taught me the potential of a single idea to bring dynamic changes in any industry.”

Entertain Every Suggestion

Satyam said that one should be open and positive to entertain feedback and suggestions. As it will improve you and learn everyday throughout your journey. Talk to as many people as you can like past mentors, parents, siblings, peer group, teachers, seniors and decide after assessing their suggestions.

When you start at a young age, the enthusiasm and gusto to bring change in society is at its peak. However, it is equally essential to assure you are going in the right direction and aware of all the prerequisite skills, information, rules and regulation of the industry. The mentors will help you assess all these factors.

Keep your confidence level high

He said with glittering eyes, “Never ever stop believing in your idea and always work towards it. You should have perseverance. Keep reminding yourself of your goals and dreams. Remember that your hard work and self confidence in your idea are what will help you achieve it. Taking calculative risk and informed decisions will become the ladder of your growth and success."

Giving up is never an option

Getting on the board of an entrepreneurial journey may seem difficult as an entrepreneur is in the way of learning and implementing on a daily basis. 

He said “There will be times when you may see your ideas failing, you won’t be able to achieve the short-term goals. In those tough times, believe in yourself and why you took your first step in this journey in the first place. Do not give up. Decrease your pace if you need to, but do not give up on your idea too early.”

Kickstarting an entrepreneurial journey at an early stage has its own share of challenges. However, it also teaches you so much early on in life.  He concluded “There is no specific age to start a business, the right set of skills are what marks you different from others.”