Malak Al Habib - The owner of Blend

Beginning blend in a city like Dubai is presumably my best business choice to date. The city is so lively and dynamic as well as supports numerous open doors and business thoughts and permits them to thrive.

Malak Al Habib - The owner of Blend

Born in Saudi Arabia, Malak Al-Habib effectively wears various caps. She's another business person, a spouse and a mother to two youngsters. For the past 10 years, Malak has been noticing the wellbeing and dietary patterns of individuals in UAE. Her decision - they required a simple, new choice.

So in the wake of enduring a year doing statistical surveying in Singapore, she chose to open her own "healthy and reasonable" eatery in Dubai. Early this year, she opened blend at Palm Jumeirah.

We were glad to find out about Dubai female business person Malak's business technique, her vision for her local area, and what it's taken her to get to where the business is today.

WHAT Pointless Guidance HAVE YOU BEEN GIVEN THAT YOU'VE Disregarded?

"Begin your venture immediately." It tends to be extremely enticing and a few energised business people could take this guidance and quickly rush to the execution stage. Some could legitimise their recommendation by expressing that there isn't a lot to do in an arranging stage while beginning a F&B efficiency of our own.

Going into business is something lovely to do and can be a little glimpse of heaven. Notwithstanding, it is likewise extremely upsetting. At the point when it is your own place, you maintain that everything should be awesome. As a general rule, nothing will be. It's forever Murphey's regulation when you are doing your business. Everything appears to go the incorrect way.

WHAT Guidance Could YOU Provide for Ladies GRADUATINGFROM School THIS YEAR?

Seek after your fantasies, however seek after them shrewdly. Plan right, be patient and strong. Try not to expect that the street will be ruddy and cleared; you will confront troubles. Nonetheless, your strength will make you an extraordinary pioneer.

HOW Would YOU Manage A MALE-Overwhelmed Climate?

I make an effort not to allow it to annoy me; as a matter of fact, I generally don't consider it! I have a standard throughout everyday life: don't put deterrents on yourself. We, as ladies in the workplace or in the business world, ought to place our original capacity and energy in what we do. Ultimately, you will force your regard and name to everybody and everybody will come to you since they put stock in your solidarity and need your assistance and help.

Notwithstanding, we didn't go along these lines. We went through extremely cautious and careful preparation and an idea improvement progressively to recognize the fundamental boundaries of the business. We arranged the task and directed a possibility study. Regardless of how extraordinary your business thought is, without appropriate preparation, you are intending to come up short.


Beginning @blend in a city like Dubai is presumably my best business choice to date. The city is so lively and dynamic as well as supports numerous open doors and business thoughts and permits them to thrive.

The most awful choice, I would agree, was not beginning the enrollment cycle adequately early. It was unimaginably astounding the way that long and troublesome this cycle can be. There are many up-and-comers on the lookout and the interaction to screen the great ones; perceive who can fit the accommodation business; and finish the customs of their employing can take extremely lengthy timespan.

In the event that YOU COULD Rehash Everything OVER, WHAT Might YOU DO Another way?

There are sure examples I've learned and choices that I might want to have made. I would most likely take as much time as necessary in doing specific things with providers and project workers. I would have had the option to save specific expense components. Nonetheless, this is at times the cost we pay for experience. You really gain from the things that turn out badly more than those that go right.

HOW Would YOU Beat Obstructions?

By being versatile and continuing on. I'm persuaded that not all issues are settled the initial time. Indeed, truth be told, not many or little issues are settled right away. You need to continue on and be steady to defeat hindrances and come by the best outcomes.


A shrewd money manager told me: "Don't overreact." Consistently take a major breath, think and examine your choices. Regardless of how huge the issue is, separate it into little pieces and resolve it piece by piece.

WHAT ARE YOU Generally Glad for?

In terms of the bottom line:blend. As a business visionary, your most memorable business is the most troublesome and generally valuable to you.

As a mother and spouse: my loved ones. They are the most strong family any ladies business person can request and without their help it would've been difficult to accomplish what has been done so far.