Meet Ankush Tiwari, an entrepreneur who launched Global Savian Consulting LLP.

Ankush Tiwari is the founder of Global Savian Consulting LLP, he is also an Artist who has authored two books, and performed in more than 100 shows across India.

Meet Ankush Tiwari, an entrepreneur who launched Global Savian Consulting LLP.

Global Savian Consulting LLP is an IT consulting and staffing startup. which helps leading companies to find relevant talent, strategy, operations, and technology amid constant change and increasing competition.


The life journey 

Ankush tells us that his life journey is a story of how courage is the saviour of dreams. Sharing his life story has never been easy for him because it is the most vulnerable part of his life. Ankush’s  family moved from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi approximately 30 years ago. Due to the lack of education at that time, his parents could not get a well-settled job, his dad used to earn 13 rupees a day with an uncertainty that he might not get paid the next day. Despite the financial issues, he did not stop from achieving his goals in various aspects of his life, from being a poet to the founder of a leading startup company he keeps on working and believes that he is here today because he learnt from his family that winning must not be the final destination but the courage of not giving up even when all the odds are in your favour, certainly is.

The Idea

One thing was sure that Ankush wanted to achieve greater things. He performed in various literary platforms and colleges, including IIMs, IITs, TEDx, Wittyfeed etc. and delivered his first TEDx speech in TEDx LLIM, Mumbai. Where he faced his biggest fear of opening up in front of the world about his reality, insecurities and shared how one can survive and grow with scarcity of resources.  Even though he was imperfect, it only encouraged him to fight furiously and face all the obstacles that were brought up to him at every step of his life.

It was in the last few months of the year 2020 when Ankush decided to kick-off his startup. The primary motive behind Global Savian Consulting LLP is to help people utilize their talents and secure jobs, especially for those who lost their jobs due to the covid-19 pandemic. He believed the least he could do during these tough times is to help seize unemployment.


What Does Savian Consulting Provide?

Global Savian Consulting LLP delivers the best talent solutions, and technology consulting with innovative models that address the industry. As a professional talent solutions firm, they work on various models which include Permanent staffing, Contract to Hire, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Payroll Management and deliverable based Service models which are part of their on-going commitment to provide cost-effective and skilled resources. Their focus is to engage the best talent in the Industry for the client's success. They recognize the inherent strengths of each individual and believe in investing in every employee.  

They help individuals to identify what their inner potential is by discussing their vision, achievements, fears and guiding them in the best possible direction.

They streamline the IT enterprise’s business process and help them achieve measurable improvements in their business.

Their training solutions are developed by subject matter expertise to help the organizations and individuals improve their personal competence and skills.

Their purpose as an implementation team is to deliver solutions focused on generating value for the client, which has a high impact on the organization. We seek to prioritize and focus on the key activities that will achieve sustainable results over time.

Their main focus is to provide consulting and staffing solutions in Oracle ERP. 


 A Word of Advice 

After achieving all this from scratch and making a name in society, Ankush is found to be a very humble and down to earth person. 

We asked him for some advice he would like to give to the readers and he said that “most entrepreneurs do not proceed or call it a day due to low or almost no funding, but this should not stop us from achieving our goals”.  He tells us that the path will be very difficult to walk on but again one must not  get distracted from fulfilling their dreams due to any reason. He concluded  by quoting Nelson Mandela “I never lose. I either win or learn.”.