OyeCare- India's fastest-growing pharma clinics company

OyeCare is India's fastest growing innovative pharma company and fastest growing innovative clinics company, so due to both values, OyeCare is known as India's fastest-growing pharma clinics company.

 OyeCare- India's fastest-growing pharma clinics company

OyeCare mission is to provide cheap medicines with care to the last mile common people of India & the vision is to make the new world of pharmacy.

Cheap medicines mean up to 80% discount on all high-quality medicines and care means all types of primary care (pres.) facilities.

OyeCare is a single company in India that is aggregating and supporting small pharmacies and pharmacists.

Initial Journey

OyeCare is a pharmacy and added centres to it so that today OyeCare is the absolute most well-known brand in the realm of pharma facilities. 

Today the pharma centres model of OyeCare organization is commonly preferable and more beneficial over any drug store diversifying organization or conventional medication store diversifying organization 

In the age when young men are caught in the realm of fellowship love-separation, they can't consider the vocation, what we need to do straight away, at that age, how Mr A R Anand began a pharma centres organization OyeCare and it turned out to be so famous. How are individuals of India getting the advantage of this? 

Hiccups and challenges

Facing challenges and navigating one’s way through develops resilience capacity. The believing fact that one can overcome obstacles, learn from struggle and benefit from mistakes lays a strong base for success in later life.

When Mr A R Anand was just 19 years old, he faced many challenges before shaping this startup voyage. At the tender age of 19, when students find managing their studies difficult, the young entrepreneur soul managed studies with his startup, though it was tough yet his determination sailed him throughout the journey. Also, getting the seed funding was another big challenge in front of him. Rightly said that, with hard work and effort, you can achieve anything. Mr A R Anand’s hard work paid off, his startup finally raised INR 17 lakhs as initial funding. But the road to success is filled with bumps and odds, as the startup is dealing with Pharmacy and its concept was new to the common masses, it was very challenging to convince and make them understand the idea. Today, as the virtual world is growing extensively, people are now somehow aware of online medication, still, there is yet to cover more.

The story behind the idea

Just 19-year-old Mr A R Anand was in an emergency clinic one day, where a patient had kicked the bucket. At the point when he asked how it kicked the bucket, he came to realize that he had brought a few prescriptions, yet a few medications couldn't be brought because of the absence of cash. Presently when he went to the little drug store to ask the same thing, he found the solution - "Nearly meds are marked medications, on which the retailer just gets a net revenue of 10-15%, just as because of the expanding of pharma shopping centres and online drug stores step by step, there is a ton of rivalry, numerous little drug stores are going to shut. It is going on in the real world, you advise me from where we can give modest drugs by giving immense limits in this condition. 

Simultaneously Mr A R Anand has profited realised too as little drug store stores can likewise make due in a, particularly serious market. Since the conclusion of one store influences the entire family. 

He began investigating. In research, he came to realize that there aren't a couple of such patients, yet 60% of the Indian populace is dealing with this issue. It was likewise discovered When

At the point when he accomplished more inside and out research, he came to realize that 85-90% of the drugs in India are modest conventional prescriptions, which are advertised by the organizations by "marking and showcasing" them as costly medications by calling them marked meds. This arose as one of the fundamental reasons why little drug store stores get extremely low overall revenues, just as the consistent rivalry from pharma shopping centres and online drug stores, they can't give modest meds to the patients. 

He began conversing with Govt. Endorsed and WHO GMP Certified pharma producing site, then, at that point there they were informed that the genuine cost of drugs is exceptionally low.

The Kickstart 

Presently he began feeling that the organization would need to be begun. He chose to face the challenge. Before all else, without advising anybody in the house, subsequent to persuading a family member, he took 17 lakh rupees and lastly began the organization which was named "OyeCare". 

He brought OyeCare into the establishment framework by disclosing his model to a little drug store. Where he gave OyeCare brand, innovation and establishment offices to those little drug store stores by taking establishment charge in some sum and began giving modest prescriptions there. Because of which the patient began getting modest drugs at a gigantic markdown there, just as those little drug store storekeepers likewise began getting great net revenue. 

The thought became effective at the grassroots level, however, they saw that our establishment proprietors were progressively subject to outside specialist's remedies, which was influencing the business and furthermore tracked down that numerous individuals were doing self-drug without standard-essential consideration, which makes them more undesirable. So he again began investigating what ought to be done at this point. 

Growth and Roadmap ahead

Presently they began feeling that we will likewise need to begin a facility which will give a unique spotlight on essential consideration, which won't just profit the patient yet in addition our establishment honour will extraordinarily profit. 

He framed a group of specialists and made an SOP and got them teamed up straightforwardly with OyeCare establishment outlets. Presently the patient began getting a wide range of standard-essential considerations. OyeCare establishment proprietors additionally began profiting a great deal. 

Along these lines, an effective Innovative Pharma Company just as an Innovative Clinics Company i.e., consolidating both, the Pharma Clinics Company "OyeCare" was framed. Yet, it isn't anything in a couple of words as it has been told, in light of the fact that from the start till today, how many battles must be done, that is just Mr A R Anand will actually want to tell. 

Today its establishment has spread in numerous states. In the coming days, it will spread to each edge of India, which will empower the high development of little drug store stores just as modest prescriptions and standard-essential consideration (pres.) to that 60% of Indians. 

At the point when the work is solid at a particularly youthful age, then, at that point, the name will naturally spread day and night at the speed of fourfold. Today, the patient who comes to OyeCare once returns over and over and furthermore brings others. 

Affected by OyeCare, numerous huge characters have approached to take forward this startup. 

Getting the help of the originator of Super 30, broadening the hand of the American worldwide speculation firm just as getting the back help of No. 1 HDFC Bank, this load of things made "OyeCare" very renowned.


  1. A R Anand adores Elon Musk, the extraordinary personality is his ideal. The principles and theories Elon Musk follows had a great influence on him as well. Elon Musk plays his own game, his own way. So do, MR. A R believes in implementing. The power of execution without thinking about the consequences is the main key. Instead of thinking without stepping towards execution is completely void. Every day waking up with determination to achieve one step closer to his dream success, his inner motivation keeps him going against all odds. 

Mr A R Anand believes that as in the world of sophisticated electric cars, Tesla is the main player. Similarly, in the pharmacy segment, Mr A R Anand wants to make OyeCare the Tesla of Pharmacy. 

Advice for Readers

Mr A R Anand believes that never wait for the right time to execute the idea. Strategizing is important but execution is everything. When you execute, you see the actual things happening in front of you instead of daydreaming a perfect success. 

Stressing on the line, the magic happens in the execution, Mr A R signs off.