Searckey, a startup that took birth during the pandemic has completed 75 plus projects.

The pandemic has been a life-changer for everyone. Some found themself some lost themselves But those who tried hard outshined like a sunflower in this period.

Searckey, a startup that took birth during the pandemic has completed 75 plus projects.

Today we have the story of two young minds Anshuman and Aditya, how they utilised the lockdown period to sprout themselves as young entrepreneurs. 

In 2020, when the pandemic came as a tsunami in our lives, all were clueless about what was happening. Everyone's social personal lives and mental health was screwed up. Aditya and Anshuman were also gone through this. But after their exams in May, they realised they need to focus on themselves and their career. Initially started with doing online courses thinking of after college for bagging a good MBA college, of course, a good CV is important. But destiny has something else to show! 

After completing a few courses on digital marketing In June their College provided an opportunity to brush up on digital marketing and building business. This originated in their minds; they can also start something right now.

From the very beginning, Aditya and Anshuman knew they are not meant for 9-5 jobs, repetitive work doesn't interest them. Lockdown came as a hidden opportunity to find, furnish and polish the skills that will hold strings of their entrepreneurial journey ahead.

In our society having a safe and secure job culture is promoted and appreciated. For Anshuman and Aditya, this theory didn't work out. They always crave to accomplish something different in their lives.

Their quality of thinking differently had a powerful and positive effect on their career.

Once said," If everybody just accepts things the way they are, there would never be any innovation and improvement in the world ."

This urge to do something out of the box expanded their perspective making them more receptive to different ideas. 

When you are open to limitless possibilities, the possibilities are endless! 

One day they were searching for opportunities when they came across Instagram branding profiles of digital marketing companies. This moulded their direction and they ended up commencing their journey with Digital Marketing and Media Agency.

The name of their partnership firm is "SEARCKEY" .

Quite an interesting and unique story behind the name. After pondering for about a month they finalized 'SEARCKEY' as a brand name. According to both, the brand name is very important in every aspect. SEARCKEY bespoke, Aditya was the CR in the college, Anshuman used to call him CR from here they got "sear " And from Anshuman Milarki they picked up " ki "taking it as" key ", after combining it became "SEARCKEY".There is one more message to convey, very important in digital marketing that is "search" and" Key " means "keyword ". In the end, they found a worthy name that predefines their work.

"SEARCKEY" is a community of Brand architects who help individuals and businesses to grow online. It completely understands the important strong online presence that allows entrepreneurs to build their brand and gain credibility that is needed to attract more customers. An online presence is important for outbound marketing as it reinforces the brand and what you offer to the target market. Searckey emphasis tiny finishes they can add to boost the growth and get more out of the business

In nutshell, SEARCKEY  is 360° digital marketing providing firm from website, social media handling strategy consultation and everything that comes under it.

"Starting your own business is like riding a roller coaster. There are highs and lows and every turn you take is a twist.

When these young minds started, digital marketing was at full pace to grow. By the end of December Instagram's digital marketing community was saturated with competitive agencies. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Aditya and Anshuman also faced extensive competition, trying hard to be different from the herd of sheeps and most importantly building good brand credibility and a satisfactory customer base was a tough call to them.

The passion and willingness to improvise kept them going, learning, trying, experiencing day by day one step, one decision better than yesterday.

Within one year , SEARCKEY completed 75+ projects now a team of more than 25 strong-willed and optimistic people. And generated 6 figure revenue in January.

They are a  7k plus family on Instagram.

This speaks all about how hard they worked day and night to reach from scratch to here.

Kudos to SEARCKEY and the team !! 

Anshuman and Aditya came across many hardships in the initial phase but their motivation to not give up and try again made them different from others.

Anshuman quotes If you don't have motivation from inside then there is no point in doing that, at the end of the day it's your business.

You should believe in yourself, trust the process because whichever thing happens, happens for an experience.

Anshuman follows if something doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger.

Aditya adds to the statement, we have to be consistent with our work, if we are not consistent it's not gonna help us. 

He emphasized following a new approach ,if something doesn't work out, don't be stuck, try differently. 

" You will learn new when you try new " 

Furthermore, he highlights that you are the only person to motivate yourself.

One strong line he adds at the end, start doing now, never wait for the right time, the right action and anything.

We appreciate their journey till now and wish them for future endeavours!