Shailender Tripathi - Man with a mission to make healthy and organic food accessible to all.

Indyo Organic Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing Organic Company with its dedicated service towards supply of hygienic food to our consumers across the globe.

Shailender Tripathi - Man with a mission to make healthy and organic food accessible to all.

Indyo Organic Tagline - “We are what we eat. Company’s tagline means that we should consume good quality food. Now the question arises, where and how to find such food which is organic, highly nutritious and produced with Quality Control System? Yes, Indyo Organic is the solution to all such worries.

Overview of Company

Indyo Organic Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing Organic Company with its dedicated service towards supply of hygienic food to our consumers across the globe. Success of the company lies within their dedicated involvement towards organic operations, farm production, manufacturing/ packaging and marketing.

The strong commitment of Indyo Organic Pvt. Ltd. with the farming community for the organic production, followed by high standard quality production and quality control system has resulted in the success of organic business spreading its finest quality products to the consumers.

Vision of the company

Organic products of top quality to be produced internationally. They are focused on taking on global norms of the board all through their business and intend to pursue excellence.

Inception of Indyo Organic

A new start-up was launched by four partners during Covid pandemic. Started in October, 2020 Indyo Organic is now one of the leading company offering more than 102 organic products. Until now, company get its organic products from Madhya Pradesh to Southern India, Eastern and North eastern part of country and selected best quality products  from different regions from more than 250 farmers. Farmers get at least 15%-20% extra price for the products from the regional market. Their targeted market ranges from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi/NCR, Haryana & Punjab, Maharashtra and Guwahati.

Director of the Company –

Shailender Tripathi’s background is connected with farming. He was associated with MNC during 2011-2020. This has helped him in getting good network in India. Covid pandemic gave an idea to provide organic and healthy food to the natives. Hence he discussed his idea with Dr. Kiran Pal Sekhon, Dr. Baljeet Kaur and his son Navroz Sekhon. They registered their firm in October 2020 by the name Indyo Organic Pvt Ltd.  There are fifteen ladies who are working in the production.

Initially the company started its journey under the supervision of Manager of Incubation Centre in Jabalpur, Agranshu Dwedi. In just three months of its origination, company achieved turnover of 22 Lakhs INR. In 2021, turnover has reached to 1.20 Crore in just nine months.  Shailender says – “Farmers can directly sell their products as raw or after processing. It will help them get minimum one and half times more in that way. Indyo Organic provides the products to its customers through online and offline mode.”

Major market captured by the company is Haryana, Punjab and Delhi/NCR. They have successfully got four stockiest, 6 distributors and more than 100 retailers. Commission of 30% is provided between stockiest and retailers. Sooner company is planning to sell its products online through top online company. In next three years, company will buy products from more than ten thousand farmers on contract basis.

International expansion

Internationally organic products demands are higher than in India. At present company is also producing organic products for third party company in Australia and Hong Kong.

INDYO Organic Foods has accomplished an undeniable degree of virtue through the accompanying procedures:

Organic Agriculture Management

Directing training to farmers to forestall any richness and pest management issues in organic farming and eco amicable cultivation.  The safety and hygiene of food are in high need.

Supply chain management

Quick and dependable conveyance administration guarantees a fast circle back of stock. Packaging is done with physical, chemical and scientific attributes of packing material suitable for specific situations. No loss is the quality of products are always ensured.

Time span of usability Management

Spices are stored in specific conditions avoiding any kind of risk of moisture, microbial contamination, infestation and periodically monitored.

Process Control

Strong magnets are used to ensure that any metal is fully extracted before final packaging of the spices. The material is tested distinctly in the authorize research center at source prior to handling. Rigorously controlled allergen free flavors and spices.

Quality Check Parameters

Company is occupied with delivering/giving the superior quality of certified organic products in market for Agricultural practices that moderate cultivating strategies and distinguishing proof and adoption suitable technologies.

Indyo Organic range comprises of

  • Cereals
  • Gluten Free Flours
  • Pulses
  • Oils & A2Ghee
  • Juices
  • Spices
  • Nuts
  • Hebs /Tea
  • Sweeteners
  • Honey, and many more

Advice to Readers

Experience the true taste of Indyo Organic traditionally grown in the Himalayan region, rich alluvial plain of Northern India, Satpura mountain regions of Central India, Aravalli hills of Western India and Nilgiri hills of Southern India wherein crops are nurtured with pristine river water, traditional farming practices with pure environment develops the richness of Nature’s quality in our products.