Startup from Pune helps people find domestic help

MaidEasy is changing the way domestic help are hired, providing “House Maid Solutions” to handle all your household activities.

Startup from Pune helps people find domestic help

Elderly care, house help, cooking, babysitting, patient care, and much more, the startup has solutions to all the chores, connecting families with skilled professionals. 


MaidEasy and its birth

Founded by Mandar Ghugari and Sunita Ghugari, MaidEasy provides you with trusted helping hands to help you with your chores, in a way like never before.

Mandar and his wife Sunita, who have been IT consultants for more than 20 years, unfolded the startup in March last year.

“Around January or February 2020, a friend, who lives in the US, called to say that his elderly mother in Pune needed help. That’s when I found that there were hundreds of companies that took care of patients but very few who offered elderly care. I connected my friend to a person who was efficient with elderly care and it got me thinking about a startup that will carry out the job of finding help for homes in a streamlined manner,” says Mandar.


The husband-wife duo and their vision

Sunita Ghugari is the visionary and soul behind MaidEasy. Her motive behind this idea is to manage the daily maid jobs and set a standard operating plan of action to keep both maids and their clients happy. Her vision was taken forward in the form of MaidEasy.

Mandar Ghugari is the backbone for all marketing and PR related activities for MaidEasy. He has worked at many reputed positions in organizations like Thermax, Holiday Inn, IDEAS Revenue optimization, Kolte Patil Ltd and IBM India. Along with his wife, he came up with this venture to align this unorganized sector as a process-driven organization, which would help domestic help have a better and secured livelihood.



Since the domestic help community has very limited access to digital platforms, the startup puts up boards in areas frequented by the community, such as marketplaces and localities where they live. Several domestic helps come to them through word of mouth. A member of MaidEasy visits the home of each house to help for verification and gets the thumbprint or signature of their next of kin as a precaution. They also have insurance and medical tests for the helpers.

The clients are expected to provide a comprehensive list of chores along with the terms and conditions for the house helps, such as paid leaves.

MaidEasy unites women housemaids and they are trained in work, but instructed on ethics and behaviour. The police verification is also done. At last, workers get compensated according to what and how much work there is. So far, the company has a database of more than 400 helpers, recruited from areas around Pune.


Business in the pandemic

With the onset of the pandemic, the company experiences an irregular business — sometimes demand is high and supply is low and sometimes it is the contrary — but expects the sector to thrive since the pandemic has modified the way people work from homes. The people are not considering investments at present.

Also, the clients are skeptical about whether the house helper has been tested for COVID or not. Therefore, the company conducts medical tests of each and every household worker to ensure zero transmission of the disease.

Though the startup is limited to Pune, Mumbai & Pimpri-Chinchwad as of now, the founder-duo is aiming to expand MaidEasy through branches and franchisees across Maharashtra and provide quality, secured and verified services to deliver customer’s delight.