Startup that provides locally produced spices and home-made food products

Kochi-based ecommerce startup NatureLoc provides chemical-free, authentic, farm-grown and homemade products and spices that are extracted from small-scale farmers and local producers.

Startup that provides locally produced spices and home-made food products

India is known as 'The Land of Spices'. It is the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices. Indian spices are famous worldwide for their rich taste, texture, aroma and herbal quality.

Joshy Thomas, Tomy Joseph, Jaisy Augustine, and Divya John hailing from agricultural families, are acquainted with the significance of not just locally produced spices, but also of food products and homemade food. They launched NatureLoc to aid consumers to buy chemical-free, authentic, farm-grown, and homemade food products and spices bought directly from small-scale farmers and local producers. 

According to Divya, was founded with a motto to sell natural and local products directly to customers online. Their startup was launched with an initial investment of Rs1 lakh and just two employees. They launched their portal with only three products: honey, arrowroot powder and coconut oil.

NatureLoc’s top sellers comprises curry powder, ghee, honey, banana powder, Malabar tamarind, dried products, pickles, flour, rice products, and coconut oil.

The co-founder said that all the products are directly bought from the farmers empowering them. Processing and packaging is done by the company to guarantee the quality of the product.

But their journey wasn’t easy. Indian e-commerce segment is dominated by corporate giant such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Zomato disrupting the apparel, food and grocery segment.

But nothing stopped them. Their hard work and dedication payed off. They began with just three products and now they have more than 800 items. Each items were added based on the plea of customers, and the list is increasing day by day. They started with 2 people and now they have a team of 10 people. They still have long way to go.