Taaza Tadka : Emerging Hub of Startup Stories

Taaza Tadka is an online website or an e-magazine that shares various stories related to startups and other news. It has logic, troll and information-based articles, and a separate guest blog post section.

Taaza Tadka : Emerging Hub of Startup Stories

They render an assortment of articles based on the latest trends and updates. The main topics the e-magazine covers are business, lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, health, travel, technocrat, love & relationship, eduhub, politics tadka, startup, and so on.

The company, which was founded by Preeti Mishra in Hyderabad, shares startup blogs and stories apart from entertainment and digital trends.

Apart from consuming content, interested people can submit their own stories. These stories can range from health and fitness articles to their personal startup stories. In the near future, the founder aims to expand the coverage to areas of the United Arab Emirates, especially focusing on the fields of Startup coverage and blogs (in the categories of logic, troll, and information.)

The logic section revolves mainly around facts, figures, covid information, business, etc. The trolls section covers entertainment news, latest trends, Bollywood gossip, political satires, controversial issues, etc. The information section provides updates regarding general news, educational bulletins, articles related to technology, health tips & tricks, etc.

The articles are updated periodically on the website and they have sectioned appropriately under certain subtopics to help readers access the stories with ease. The website is available in English and Hindi and does not require you to sign up or register.

Preeti Mishra, the Founder, and CEO of Taaza Tadka said, “We could see a big ambition to grow the Taaza Tadka for Startups and struggling bloggers in India and UAE region. There’s a positive outlook for the time ahead and it’s been a great start for the brand in UAE. I decided that this is the right time to develop a new range of online events and competitive platforms for startups and bloggers. We are going to give high priority to those brands who work on Logic, Troll, and Information.”

The co-founder team (Dr Mrityunjay Mishra, Marketing Strategist, and Rupanjali Upadhyay, Operation Head) at Taaza Tadka has been working extensively on startup stories and interviews within India. Moreover, they have plans of creating various competitive games and contests for online bloggers and content creators.

Nitesh Mishra, President at Taaza Tadka says, “We are planning to organize, and execute these events in Dubai very soon. After the Dubai Expo, we are all set on organizing startup and angel investor events here in Dubai”.

Taaza Tadka aims to encourage people further to come up with their stories so as to inspire others and learn from their mistakes. Their goal is to be a one-stop hub for all things news. They promise to have content for people of different age groups; from educational articles and entertainment for kids to informational and political news for adults.