"The Customised Bakery" a startup that was created from YouTube learnings.

The Customised Bakery is founded by Aditi. Aditi loves baking and her journey till now is like a roller coaster ride. Many difficulties came her way but she was dedicated towards her passion and took the initiative without caring about what others would think. Today she is happy and shares her journey, her experience with a smile on her face.

"The Customised Bakery" a startup that was created from YouTube learnings.

Aditi has completed her schooling from the "Admas International School" and currently, she is pursuing B.com from the "Bhawanipur Education Society College."

How it started

While sharing her experience she mentioned that after her boards got over, she had three months before her college started. Instead of wasting those three months, Aditi thought to do something productive and invest the time in learning new skills.

She started discovering YouTube channels and from there she started learning bakery. As it was free and flexible of time, Aditi started developing interest and got dedicated towards it.

To her surprise, she started enjoying baking cakes. Later, she also started attending various workshops on baking. After a while, she chose to build her profession in baking. And today she owns her own page, "The Customized Bakery."

The journey

One asking Aditi about her journey, she shares that she comes from a joint family having many cousins, so she started gifting cakes to all of them on their birthdays and special occasions.

Obviously, they loved the taste and praised Aditi for her baking skills.

They started asking her to start selling and under immense pressure and elation, she thought of putting their plans into her action.


Although Aditi's journey was exciting, it was not easy for her. She faced many problems in the beginning after she took her decision of starting her bakery page.

Being a student the biggest challenge Aditi had to go through was convincing her parents. Since she was doing B.Com and baking was just her hobby, it was difficult for her mom to accept baking as her profession. In the initial days, Aditi faced a greater lack in her mother's support. Aditi's mother never supported her in the beginning and it took Aditi a lot of time to make her mother understand that Aditi might be good at studies but she was best in baking. 

Despite all these Aditi kept going and never stopped. She took all the necessary steps to convince her parents and she did it.

What kept her going

On asking Aditi, what kept her going, she said that the main thing that kept her going at every stage of it was the wide smiles on the faces of the people in her tough time. When she would see them smiling, she used to get charged up and motivated to never stop.

Today, her parents are glad of where she is and they feel proud of her.

Aditi, happily shares that till now she has completed her 100th cake and her family is very proud of her. She further adds, "Today we are a family of 630 followers who keep on supporting me and appreciate my efforts, which adds a lot of value to my life and business." 


On asking her for any advice for the readers, she says, "Life is very uncertain and unpredictable so keep taking those baby steps towards your passion and one day the future version of you will thank itself for making it this far."