The inspiring journey of Aditi, founder of Home Jovi.

Here is the story of Aditi, an MBA and the founder of "HomeJovi." She has also worked for a corporation for 5 years but she wanted to do something different, something of her own because she didn't like the vibe of 9 to 5 jobs. Since her childhood, she was inclined towards creativity, so she thought of doing something related to that.

The inspiring journey of Aditi, founder of Home Jovi.

She struggled a lot in the beginning. But, one day when she was 29, she took a decision, left her job, and joined a course in interior design. She completed her diploma in the same and started working as a freelancer.

Still, it was not enough. She wanted to bring something new, help people curate everything online, and help them. Finally, in 2017 she founded "HomeJovi."

HomeJovi is an online platform that runs in India as well as abroad which helps people buy the correct decor for them by providing them with an option of 3d visualization. 

This concept is very new in India. 

The beginning

Remembering her past, Aditi says, "I loved creativity since my childhood and there were times when I would go to malls and explore the interior design sections, I noticed that most of the time people are confused. They would enquire to know what would go with their blue sofa and which curtain would look nice. So, people do need help and it hit me."

This incident made Aditi think about creating something that would help people curate their home decor.


Talking about the challenges, Aditi mentions, "Nowadays, people like to pay after the product or service is delivered but we work on the package. For our service people first need to purchase the package. Now, this is something where we need to put effort into personally calling the customer and convincing them." Currently, convincing the customers to buy the package pre-service is a challenge "HomeJovi" is facing.

Current situation and future of HomeJovi

Currently, Aditi's main focus is on the marketing of "HomeJovi." 

Right now, it is complete self-investment. She is investing in marketing as well as the growth of her company. She is also working on the application of HomeJovi, which she plans to bring out, soon. The app will make the process easier. Imagine you want to set your house, you have your phone in your hand, you clicked the picture of your living room and now you can see your living in different setups. 

Convenient right?

Also, Aditi said, "I want my company to be established in India as well as multiple cities abroad because it is all online. And I want to see this online platform everywhere in the next 5 years."


On asking Aditi for the suggestion to the readers, she says with a smile, " In everyone's life there comes a phase where they feel like everything has come to an end. They feel shattered and that's like the end of the world for them. At that point, you can either break or grow yourself. I would say, stand up and start walking, nothing is the end. It's all in your head. The moment you feel most shattered is the moment to grow yourself. If I can do it anyone can."