The journey from being a Defence Aspirant to The Defence Aspirant Academy.

From being a defence services aspirant to being able to create a platform- 'TDA Academy' which is assumed to be no. 1 digital medium to create Defence services. With it, they are also one of the leading merchandise brands in promoting 'Make in India' with a core nationalistic fervour.

The journey from being a Defence Aspirant to The Defence Aspirant Academy.

About TDA Academy

The Defence Aspirant Academy which has helped more than thousands of aspirants in cracking the defence exams with the help of its unique and innovative digital learning platform. 

Highlight-(TDA Academy is providing free coaching to children of martyred soldiers)

The Strength of Academy is 57k and more than thousand aspirants.

"This is a huge success for us, and the credit goes to my team," says Abhishek.

He adds, "Just like this country needs an army for protection, the economy needs entrepreneurs." 

The Journey

Talking about how the great idea of TDA hit him, he mentions that everything that is new and comes in the market gets success when it makes people's life easier, in short-something that can make them lazier and this is the bitter truth.

Zomato, Dunzo etc, you name it and you will find that almost all of them are making people's life easier.

You select the dish and it is delivered to your doorstep.

Abhishek understood this great concept and implemented this in his startup.

They took this initiative of providing hand-written notes for the same cause. 

Nowadays almost every ed-tech startup provides video lectures but TDA provides notes.

This has not only made things easier for the students but also, this saves their time.

Not only this, if the students get any doubts from the notes then they are given the recourse where they can ask their particular mentors for further information. 

So easy, right! Well, that is creativity. 

And Abhishek is a man of inventiveness.

Abhishek admits with a smile on his face, "This was started in 2019, and people love this."

The wave of challenges

But this journey was not easy for him. His ride throughout was a roller coaster ride.

Sharing about which Abhishek tells us a story where he was drowned in Dehradun while NDA preparation.

This was not a merciful phase for him as soon after this incident, doctors confronted that his one ear was damaged and he wouldn't be able to clear the physical test. He was permanently rejected from defence exams because of something completely accidental, which was not in his hands.

This could be a shattering moment to anyone, indeed it was for him too but, his spirit never shattered.

Despite sitting around and being sad for his loss, he stood up and fought like a real army man, like a HERO.

He started providing free coachings to the students appearing for defence exams. 

"My dream was to serve the motherland, I couldn't have sat around like that," said Abhishek.

After 3-4 months, when he became normal again, he, constantly, for two years, gave free training and mentorship to the students who had a dream, Abhishek had once.

This is something to get inspired from. 

Today he says with zeal on his face, that people are loving and supporting his initiative and this makes him happy: to see the new generation coming forward to serve the mother nation.

Ye Dil Mange Uniform

Abhishek is highly inspired by Caption. Vikram Bhatra, who is a Kargil hero. 

His tagline was- "ye dil maange more."

Abhishek turned it to, "ye dil maange uniform," when he started his academy. 

This got so famous that today this is the punch line of TDA academy. 

The students of TDA, when coming to Abhishek and tell him, "ye dil maange uniform," he says, "this makes me delighted, I feel proud to see them fulfil this dream."

Words of spirit

On asking him for a piece of advice, he says, "In everyone's life, comes a phase where they want to give up, they feel like quitting and they start realizing that they can't go any future, that is the moment, when instead of giving up you should become more aware because that is your time, that is the moment when your journey to success has initiated.

If you want to win the battle of the entire life then that is the time to stand up and fight."

The ride ahead

He then went onto establish an apparel brand with the name of 'Wear Your Pride(WYP)' under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat thought. The products are 100% resourced within India and carry a  nationalistic impact on the designs. Abhishek's passion for the motherland is huge. He is a man of spirit and devotion.

He not only proved that opportunities could be created in the worst of the times but he also became an inspiration to many who have a dream.

Through TDA Academy, he is providing a platform to the impoverished and helping more than thousands of lives in cultivating a life they yearn.