The three fiesta by BIT Mesra: E-Summit '21

Entrepreneurship Development Cell of BIT Mesra uncovers its annual flagship event, E-Summit '21 from 12th to 14th March 2021 to help the budding entrepreneurs merge their creativity with fortitude.

The three fiesta by BIT Mesra: E-Summit '21

Today, India has established its place when it comes to fledgling dreamers and doers – entrepreneurs. Dreams, ambitions, and flights of fancy have become the new cool. Interests have shifted to creating and owning something and taking it to the next level than being employed under someone. 


To bridge the gap between vicissitude and convenience and bring together seasoned entrepreneurs on an unblended stage in the ever-evolving space of tech and business, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of BIT Mesra uncovers its annual flagship event, E-Summit '21 (, from 12th to 14th March 2021. This three-day fiesta caters to budding entrepreneurs' interests and helps them merge their creativity with fortitude, thus forging new paths.


E-Summit '21 brings numerous events where a participant can compete and win cash prizes, vouchers, and goodies. The most conspicuous event of E-summit' 21, B-Plan, allows students to pitch their business ideas in front of illustrious investors to raise funds and bag winning prizes worth ₹ 3,00,000; Boardroom, a roleplay that gives participants the freedom to act as C-Suite members of a Fortune 500 company; Storage War$, a never before experience for the auction lovers; House of Cards is a game similar to solitaires but with an interesting variation; Pitch Please allows you to showcase your business ideas and change the marketing norms; Wolf of Birla Street, an event where you need to research and analyze the markets to maximize profit; Moneyball, action-packed event depicting the world trade. Other events include Asiimov, an online gaming event, Monopoly, Poker, Crypto Trading, and Movie Nights. Participate in all these back-breaking events by registering yourself on the D2C platform. Click on the link ( and directly navigate to the registration page. 


Harbouring its traditions with the summit, EDC is set to cultivate another session where students get a chance to interact with eminent personalities, including Aman Dhattarwal, one of the foremost YouTuber of this generation and an influencer; Ayush Jaiswal, founder and CEO of Pesto; Sridher Jeyachandran, co-founder of; Sanjeev Mohanty, managing director at Levi Strauss and Co.; Pawan Kumar Rai, co-founder of Ditto by Finshots;  Abhinav Sinha, founder of Eko;  Ananda Verma, founder and CEO of Fasal; Vineet Barnwal, a prominent coach, teacher, and consultant. To catch all these exceptionally renowned personalities live, book your seat by clicking on this link (


So, if you been lingering for incubation and training opportunities to kickstart the augmentation of your idea? Do you have the acumen to propagate avant-garde start-ups and other trendsetting ideas? Or are you willing to escalate your crackerjack eclipse and test your pioneering panache? The stage is all set for "The New Normal" showdown of the most seasoned and dynamic entrepreneurial extravaganza of Eastern India. So get ready to become a part of this exhilarating journey because it is neither too late nor too early to pursue your dreams of being an entrepreneur.