This firm is the one stop destination for startups looking for investment.

“Beginning is always the hardest”, They say. CA Devansh Lakhani never looked back once he was finally able to complete his CA in 2015 in his third attempt.

This firm is the one stop destination for startups looking for investment.

Devansh emerged as an entrepreneur in 2018 when he sowed the seeds of his very own organisation named Lakhani Financial Services. Before that he made sure he was ready enough and managed to learn all hooks and crooks of stock markets by working 2 jobs

Devansh kicked off his professional journey by working at a family friend's business. He worked there for 4-5 months where he got the gist of Stock Markets. He says, "I used to hang around there, learning and working till I found the job I was looking for."

Passionate, determined and progressive Devansh followed his trade and grabbed a decent job in his areas of interest which he took on as a learning opportunity.  "The job I got was in a very mid-sized company but I got an opportunity to work under the senior director and I learned a lot."

Devansh worked there for around 2 years where he managed to get his fair share of experience. He got well rounded with understanding the balance sheets and profit-loss statements and analysing and researching companies. He committed those couple of years solely in the building experience.

It was in January 2018 when he put his hands to the plough and took his dream forward by starting monetizing all the knowledge he had regarding finance management, stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc.

Gradually Lakhani Financial Services commenced its entry into the investment banking space. Investment banking is all about helping companies to raise funds using IPO, mergers and acquisitions, sale of shares etc. but Devansh had his niche pre-decided which was working on the IPO segment on the companies with SME exchange. 

Devansh was ahead of his time and hence soon realised that the market is saturated and hence there wasn't much to explore. He swiftly shifted his focus from SME companies to help raise funds for startups.

“I comprehended the deficiency in the new businesses space and how much direction or information can be imparted to different beginning up organizers based on my experience. Consequently, we got into fire warning and raising money with an intent to help more than 100 new businesses in the current schedule year," he told StartupTimes 

He says that his firm goes over the length and breadth of companies and fabricates start to finish answers for new businesses, "We work with new companies from beginning to end. We help them totally by enhancing their business. We likewise assist them with making procedures for scaling their business by making a legitimate arrangement of the following five years," Devansh told StartupTimes. 

They basically start with assisting startups with setting up an exceptionally compelling marketable strategy with the most extreme rationale, reason and reasoning which builds their certainty as well as the organizer's certainty as he gets ready to envision the business with a dream. “This makes it simple for us to then pitch to our investors,” Devansh explains.

As of now, LFS is a store of Investment banking and helps the companies, advice them related to investments to raise capital from its organization of speculators. 

Along with strategizing the financial growth, Lakhani Financial Services additionally encourages new businesses to set up a delightfully cut out pitch deck which establishes a long term connection upon the angel investors and causes new companies to get a gigantic opening before them. 

In the last advance, they approach the financial specialists once all the records are prepared to settle the negotiation, "This is the sole explanation we have had the option to close 2 arrangements during the lockdown stage worth under Rs.1 Crore approx each." 

Devansh encourages new companies to plan their business development, plan out income models, decide advertising and deals systems, group structure, and so on and be a companion who can assist them with rejuvenating their vision.