This pet care startup will help you show some love for your furry friends

This startup provides a bevy of pet bandanas that are sure to make you and your pet happy.

This pet care startup will help you show some love for your furry friends

Anatole France said, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawake.” If you are a pet lover, you know the true meaning your pet holds in your life – a constant companion with unflinching love for you. You would know this if you have a dog or a cat, maybe a hamster or even a bird. If you know how to love animals, you know that true love in its purest form is taking care of an animal – no matter what its size or stature is. Funky prints, quirky patterns full of bright colors, favorite characters, series or dialogue, and art forms are things you can't take your eyes off. Go Bandanas India's, the idea is: every pet parent should feel even more closer to their pets. They have a wide range of accessories for pets, and there is no pet accessories company in India, who customizes the prints on pet bandanas at this level.

 "Our heart beats for obnoxious bright colors, quirky patterns, big creative typography and super graphical backgrounds. All in one big mismatch? Or mix-match? DESIGN HAS NO RULES. NOR DO OUR PETS," said Madhurika Modani. 

A conservationist, globetrotter, hobbyist poet, and an avid animal lover, she has a keen interest in sustainability and animal welfare. After completing her M.A. in Graphic Branding from the University of Arts London, she got back in 2018. Since then, she has been a Freelance Graphic Designer and likes to work on projects that have a positive and sustainable impact on lifestyles. She is zestful, full of life, and ambitious, finding ways to get what she sets her heart on. 

Madhrika took up commerce for her graduation, but soon realized it was not her cup of tea, which is why switched into this career, and there's no looking back till then.