Top web design trends in 2021

To dive deep into the website designing and new projects, the best possible way is to include the hottest elements to get the desirable output. To give your website a perfect, fresh, and modern look, you have got to know the top web design trends 2021.

Top web design trends in 2021

Here’s the list.

  1. Dark Mode

A surge in the dark mode for mobile apps and websites was noticed in 2020. This trend is not going to go anywhere, not anytime soon for sure, as users are now going to toggle into dark mode from light in 2021 as well. So the designers can go with the dark colour scheme as an option, given the user preference.

  1. Text as an Art

The most vital experimental and oversized trend of web design in 2021 is typography. It is considered as the art that can be implemented in a different form in web designs. However it can be a bit challenging to add the heavy design and easy out typography.

  1. Circles

A few designs lined up as a geometric shape are emerging as a top trend today. Circle is one of the kind that’s shaping up the design market implying the perfection, wholeness, motion, and infinity contrasting the whole website.

  1. Black-White Illustrations

Another major design trends of the market are the colourless UI or black and white drawing styles. Flat drawings and whimsy aspects also gives a great texture to the website, adding to its design. It has a huge impact on user experience. Also, the hand-drawn elements can add in a value and seem real elements for the illustrations.

  1. Parallax Scroll Animations

Parallax scroll also adds new effects in the web designs. It has creative and subtle explorations compiled with scroll features for the users. It creates illusions of movement and depth with minimal flow. However, the effect should not be distracting for the users and It should not be overpowering the essential information.