Trade Brains launches FinGrad, a One Stop Learning Platform for all Financial Instruments

Trade Brains, a Bangalore based fintech startup known for its stock market analytics and education service platform, has launched its new financial education platform, FinGrad. A learning initiative set up to focus on providing financial knowledge to novices who want to climb the ladder to financial freedom.

Trade Brains launches FinGrad, a One Stop Learning Platform for all Financial Instruments

FinGrad will provide multiple online financial courses and webinars available at the touch of a button.

Trade Brains is a well-known name in the Indian stock market investment business, with a steady upward trend. Having set its standards in the Indian stock market, this new launch may well be a careful, planned, and strategic move by the company. However, FinGrad will focus mostly on education of interested enthusiasts as regard the benefit of acquiring basic financial knowledge as they ply the road to financial freedom.

What to expect with FinGrad?

FinGrad will offer courses and webinars on the stock market, IPOs, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, taxation and a whole lot more. One would have access to +35 high grade courses and webinars overseen by +25 seasoned instructors in the industry.

Many people want to engage in the stock market but financial literacy and understanding of markets is necessary to trade. This is the issue that Trade Brains is attempting to address with FinGrad. Instead of depending on stock brokers, investors, or financial consultants, they've recognised the need for people to be able to make sound financial decisions. Becoming financially literate would be something that anyone could do if they are provided with right education and guidance.

Kritesh Abhishek, CEO and Founder of Trade Brains, said, “Every market enthusiast should educate themselves first before entering the market, in order to correctly invest or trade and make consistent returns. With FinGrad, we are trying to spread financial literacy in a more comprehensive and pragmatic approach by offering explicit courses and webinars, along with quizzes, assessments, and certification." With FinGrad, we are trying to bridge the gap between potential investors and the stock market.

It is clear from his statement that the company hopes to establish a level of independence for individual investors and traders. Similarly, FinGrad is trying to uproot that dependency on financial consultants and stock brokers

Millions of people have benefited from Trade Brains' assistance in taking big steps into the realm of stock market investing. Their daily stock market news and stock analytics platform are two of the most successful businesses. Adding FinGrad to that list shows the commitment of the founder to the very reasons why Trade Brains was established.

Learning Finance with FinGrad

Trade Brains must be aware that there are other financial education platforms out there. Of course, people will be expecting something more standout. How best will they employ teaching techniques so that the rudiments of stock investing and other financial instruments are easily understood by prospective users? This and more have all been put into consideration by the company so that learning finance becomes a smooth process for users. Also, there are experts in the stock market who have partnered and contributed to FinGrad to provide top notch quality contents.

What features will FinGrad employ?

Any educational platform requires certain features, which do help to foster a good user experience. Employing the right features can draw a lot of traffic to the platform, especially when it has to do with finances and trading. It is certain that the company is aware of these features and has taken the necessary steps to implement them so that users experience a smooth transition between experts and learners on the FinGrad platform.

Features like a multilingual platform, wide pool of courses and webinars, simple to use interface, clear and distinct explanations had made FinGrad standout from the competitions. The platform has already received over two thousand registered users within three days of launch. Currently, FinGrad tends to keep all their courses and webinars FREE for all users to enroll for a limited time period.

As for the future of FinGrad, the platform aims to reach a target market of over 10 million new learners in the coming three years by extending factual and effective financial courses and webinars. Seeing the past record of Trade Brains, where the company has proven over and over again with their other platforms, FinGrad is expected to outshine in the industry.