Unlocking Enhanced Potential through AI Solutions - Mouhamad Kawas

Mouhamad has pioneered the use of AI technologies to solve difficult problems as the co-founder of Kuality AI and chief technology officer of Medicus AI.

Unlocking Enhanced Potential through AI Solutions - Mouhamad Kawas

Welcome to the Enterprising part of UAE Times, where we present to you the most rousing stories from the universe of new companies and businesses. We are thrilled to introduce Mouhamad Kawas to you today. He is a successful entrepreneur and technology leader who has had a significant impact on the sector.

Mouhamad has been involved in the founding of two startups and two agencies, and the European Patent Office has granted him five patents. He has more than 15 years of experience building and leading tech teams.

He has also led the construction of award-winning projects, such as the RTA app and VAD (Visit Abu Dhabi), demonstrating his exceptional project management and execution skills. His energy for innovation and development has driven him to be chosen as one of the main 100 Power Pioneers in Innovation across Asia in 2022.

Mouhamad has pioneered the use of AI technologies to solve difficult problems as the co-founder of Kuality AI and chief technology officer of Medicus AI. He recently launched Kuality AI, a startup whose products focus on manufacturing quality and safe driving for commercial vehicle fleets. Mouhamad has become a well-known figure in the AI field thanks to his expertise and dedication.

In addition to his startups, Mouhamad serves as an advisor to a number of local and international businesses looking to expand their reach in the UAE market. His interest in technology and entrepreneurship extends beyond them. Sage Technologies LLC, which built an emergency system for Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), and a European company leading active testing with the goal of building a team in the MENA region are two examples of these businesses.

Come along with us as we delve deeply into Mouhamad's journey as an entrepreneur, gain insight into his experiences, and be inspired to write your success story. Prepare to be inspired by this exceptional entrepreneur's remarkable accomplishments.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur? Do you have some guidance for novices?

The entrepreneurial journey of Mouhamad Kawas is inspiring. He participated in a competition with his project Abjad-Hawaz, which sought to provide novel solutions to enhance knowledge extraction from Arabic content, following his passion for the Arabic language. This project paved the way for his success and became the foundation of his journey.

When questioned regarding his advice for novices, Mouhamad emphasized the significance of consistency and patience. He advocated taking your time to acquire the necessary skills and establish a solid foundation rather than rushing to success.

In addition, he emphasized the significance of taking pleasure in the journey rather than just the end result, finding joy and passion in one's work, and seeking a mentor who can provide helpful insights, guidance, and support.

As they embark on their entrepreneurial journey, his wise words gently remind aspiring entrepreneurs to remain patient, focused, and motivated.

What do you consider to be the most essential component in successfully carrying on business?

Mouhamad is of the opinion that having a deep understanding of what you do and a strong passion for it is the single most important factor in successfully running a business. He emphasizes that simply loving what you do is not sufficient. In addition, you need to be knowledgeable and skilled in order to succeed in it. Therefore, you are more likely to overcome obstacles if you have a solid foundation of expertise and a passion for your work.

Also, Mouhamad underscores keeping awake to-date with the most recent patterns and headways in your industry. This strategy ensures that your skills are still relevant and competitive, and it allows you to quickly adapt to market shifts.

Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of cultivating a positive company culture and establishing long-term client relationships.

We observed that you are involved in multiple businesses as a leader. What are your company's objectives, and how do you intend to assist individuals in achieving them?

Mouhamad is of the opinion that he can make people's lives easier by making use of his leadership position in these businesses. He intends to offer novel solutions that solve real-world issues and benefit society. He is committed to making this vision a reality and believes that technology has the power to change lives and improve the world.

Also, Mouhamad wants to help people by giving them chances to learn and grow. He accepts that innovation is continually developing, and people need to keep awake to date with the furthest down-the-line progressions to stay cutthroat. In order for his employees to continue developing and achieving success in their careers, he is committed to providing them with ongoing training and development opportunities.

Use one word to describe yourself.

Mouhamad responded with the phrase "antifragile" when asked to sum up who he is in a single word. A person who not only overcomes difficulties and crises but also uses them as opportunities for growth and improvement is the subject of this term.

Mouhamad is of the opinion that difficulties and setbacks are unavoidable aspects of life, and he regards them as opportunities to grow, innovate, and achieve success.

In addition, Mouhamad's approach to life and work is based on the belief that being antifragile is a personal trait and a philosophy. He strives to establish an antifragile company culture in which employees are encouraged to innovate and devise inventive solutions to problems and challenges are viewed as growth opportunities.

Does workers' energy and excitement contribute to business achievement? How do you intend to inspire your team to go above and beyond?

Mouhamad maintains that having the right team to carry out an excellent idea is just one part of running a successful business. He says that employees are the backbone of any business that is successful, and their enthusiasm and energy are necessary for driving growth and innovation.

How would you characterize your approach to leadership?

Mouhamad's administration style fixates on having confidence in people and finding their true capacity. Instead of micromanaging his team, he tries to focus on providing direction and support. He maintains that it is his responsibility as a leader to assist each individual in realizing their full potential because each person possesses distinct abilities and strengths.

In order to accomplish this, Mouhamad encourages his team to think outside the box by cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation.

In addition, Mouhamad puts in a lot of effort for his team and believes in leading by example. He values honesty and openness, which helps his team members trust him. Everyone's ideas and perspectives are valued, and open communication is encouraged.

Throughout your career, have you encountered any difficulties? If that's the case, how did you overcome them?

Over the course of his career, Mouhamad has had to overcome a number of obstacles, including technological obstacles and navigating complex business environments. However, he is of the firm opinion that difficulties present opportunities for development and growth. Mouhamad approaches challenges with a positive and proactive attitude, looking for ways to learn and grow from the experience.

Mouhamad is aware that obstacles are a necessary component of the game and that one's success is determined by how they are approached and overcome.

For Mouhamad, defeating difficulties is a proportion of progress and a fundamental element for accomplishing long-haul maintainability and versatility in a dynamic and cutthroat market.

Are you coping with digital change? How does it benefit your company?

Mouhamad has been at the forefront of this movement throughout his career and is a firm believer in the power of digital transformation. He always starts by putting in place a digital ecosystem and using technology to improve his projects because he is a tech-savvy entrepreneur. When the global pandemic struck, Mouhamad was already prepared, and his businesses did not require significant adjustments, so his vision and preparation paid off.

He understands that businesses need to change in order to remain competitive and relevant in today's world. As a result, he has implemented automation and artificial intelligence, among other digital solutions, in his businesses to streamline procedures and boost productivity.

In addition, he is of the opinion that digital transformation involves not only technology but also culture and mindset. He encourages his team to embrace innovation as a way of life and to be open to new ideas and methods.

Do you stand out by implementing novel concepts?

Mouhamad: Absolutely. At Kuality AI, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our company's mission is to use artificial intelligence to solve problems, which necessitates a constant flow of novel concepts. We can create products and solutions that are one-of-a-kind and have a significant impact on society by embracing new technologies and methods.

This is clearly demonstrated by our ThirdEye product. We are working to secure roads and reduce accidents through the use of AI-powered solutions, ultimately leading to safer communities and cities.

Therefore, in response to your inquiry, we use novel concepts to distinguish ourselves, and our dedication to innovation sets us apart from the competition.

What direction is your leadership taking? In this world of competition, what advantages does your company provide to its customers?
With a focus on driving innovation and providing value to customers, Mouhamad believes his leadership will continue to grow and expand. He thinks that his companies can continue to thrive in the rapidly shifting business landscape if they keep up with technology and mindset trends.

Access to cutting-edge AI-powered solutions that can assist clients in resolving difficult issues and achieving their business objectives is one significant advantage that Kuality AI clients receive. By preventing collisions, reducing their severity, and instructing drivers on how to improve their driving habits, the ThirdEye product from Kuality AI, for instance, is contributing to the improvement of safer communities and roads.

In addition, Kuality AI offers manufacturing industry solutions for improving production quality, boosting productivity, and decreasing waste.

Overall, Mouhamad and his team are committed to providing cutting-edge AI solutions that can assist clients in overcoming their most significant obstacles, achieving their objectives, and remaining competitive in their respective industries.