With Wylo, you can share your experience and connect with people sharing your interests.

Wylo is an interest-based social network and content-sharing platform where you as a user can get the most relevant content about topics you love. It provides a platform to collaborate by sharing experiences and learning from others.

With Wylo, you can share your experience and connect with people sharing your interests.

Whatever be your interest, there are always people like you, and connecting with such people can help you get more out of life. Wylo is a networking and knowledge curation platform where you can connect with such new people. And there is nothing as exciting as getting to know amazing people who have similar interests as you. So, take the plunge and start making new friends who share your passion.

Connecting with new people can help you to know more about yourself. You'll have more support systems who know what you're going through and can share your trials and victories with you. Especially if your hobbies include staying in shape, fashion gossips, eating well, travelling, etc. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can be a great motivator. 

The app was founded by Omnath Premnath, who quit his well-paying job to develop an application that would have everything—from budding people to best content—organized under specific topics. All that the users would need to do is find their area of interest and join their tribe to the glory.

Omnath spent his four years in college studying Electronics. After finishing his studies, he was sure of one thing: he never had an interest in Electronics. This subtle but vehement realization seeded the very idea of Wylo in his mind.

From bringing in more new users to the platform to retaining the old and adding unique features and bettering the product, the roadmap of Wylo is now on the sprint.  

We even explored the app to give you a detailed report.


Getting started

Omnath Premnath is a tech enthusiast who is driven by the desire to bring tangible tech solutions to life's day-to-day problems. With more than five years of product design and development experience, he’s a coder at mind and a creative thinker at heart. Before embarking on his journey to build Wylo, he began his journey as a programmer at Nokia Networks and groomed to become a lead software engineer by the time he left the organization.

Wylo kick-started in April 2019. Built for empowering people to chase their dreams, Wylo is an interest-based network and a content-sharing platform that brings you closer to people like you whom you may not find otherwise. 

After college, Omnath realized that he was more into programming and design. And when he looked around himself, he found most of his friends doing things they will never be fond of. He even goes on to say that it hurt him personally. So, he started digging up the issue and found that the primary reason is the lack of exposure and connection with the right people.

Omnath wanted to help people do what truly interested them. The problem, however, was that society as a whole lacked an organized way to find the right people and content to explore their interests. It’s the trigger, the baton he is still carrying, the spark of the wildfire that Wylo is now becoming. That’s how he came up with the inception to create an application that would reorganize the internet based on individual interests. 

And that was how Wylo — What You LOve — had its first cry. 


What makes Wylo unique

Finding people like you: Meaningful connections benefit everyone in the long term. Wylo brings its users the most relevant people according to topics they find interesting. Finding people based on interests would never be more effortless. 

Bringing relevant content to the users: Wylo saves users the effort of searching for what they like. Based on the topics of their interests, Wylo automatically brings the best and relevant content to their feed.

Discovering one’s interests: Interest patterns, a feature that will be available soon, will help those who are unaware of their interests. With interest patterns, Wylo users can understand their interests through graphs and stats based on where they spend their most time.

Exploration made easier: Wylo sorts the cluster of information on the internet and places them under relevant topics. Users can tap into any channel (sub-topic) and serve their brains as they want. 


Challenges during this journey

Although Omnath had experienced building tech products earlier, starting a venture all by himself was as different as chalk and cheese and a catch in itself. The first challenge came up in the form of finding and onboarding the right people for the team; people who believed and saw potential in the daring dream of Wylo.

Only to be followed up by marketing the idea, finding an office space, managing the finance, balancing the resources, building a great product, etc. In a nutshell, Omnath puts the problems he had faced to date is pretty much everything that anyone who is working on their new venture would encounter in one way or the other.

When asked about the upcoming challenges, he sports a simple smile and says:

Anything new you do is always going to be tough. But if you persist and keep doing things consistently, everything would fall in place at some point in time. I guess that is the key — persistence.

Working on what you fear to be new and wild educates you a lot. And eventually, you will become good at what you are doing that it will be domesticated only to become the new normal. 


Road Ahead

Creating unique and engaging communities on different interests would be of equal importance, says Omnath. He is also looking forward to expanding the team across technology and marketing, both vertically and horizontally. 

With all that said, Wylo is on the hunt to add value to the lives of people by making it easier for them to find their interests, explore their curiosity, and pursue their passion. 

Imagine a world where every dreamer in us lives their dream in one shared reality. What a world it would be!  

The app is a perfect way for people who are passionate about learning more about what they find interesting. In Wylo, you get the chance to explore your interests and grow your skills by learning from others and through the best content across the internet.

We completely recommend it -for pure learners and searchers!