Transforming HR with CHROmosome Consulting & IT Solutions 

CHROmosome Consulting & IT Solutions, founded by Anuradha Sharma and Sreerupa Sengupta in July 2022, leverages 50 years of combined HR experience to offer transformative HR solutions. Specializing in HR outsourcing, they manage end-to-end human resources for SMEs and MSMEs, acting as an external HR department. The company excels in people development through tailored training programs and coaching. Their tagline, "Building DNA of Organizations," highlights their role in shaping core business practices. Committed to transparency, innovation, and client success, CHROmosome focuses on strategic problem-solving and continuous improvement to foster sustainable growth.

Transforming HR with CHROmosome Consulting & IT Solutions 


CHROmosome Consulting & IT Solutions is a burgeoning HR consultancy that brings together 50 years of collective human resource experience. The company offers transformative HR solutions designed to address a myriad of organizational needs, including development, change management, culture and competency building, HR outsourcing, and policy-related concerns. By collaborating closely with C-Suite executives and corporate management, CHROmosome ensures that their clients can focus on core business activities while leaving the intricacies of HR to the experts. 

Expertise in HR Outsourcing 

Specializing in HR outsourcing, CHROmosome partners with SMEs and MSMEs to manage their end-to-end human resource requirements. Acting as their HR department but sitting outside their organisation, they provide comprehensive services managed by seasoned Chief Human Resource Officers. This unique approach allows businesses to benefit from top-tier HR management without the overhead of maintaining an in-house department. 

Comprehensive People Development 

The company excels in people development, offering tailored training programs in soft skills, sales, and leadership. Additionally, CHROmosome conducts customized training sessions to meet specific client needs, ensuring that each organization receives personalized and effective training solutions. They also undertake coaching assignments for management cadre professionals, aiding in their personal and professional growth. 

Company Tagline: Building DNA of Organizations 

 CHROmosome's tagline, "Building DNA of Organizations," reflects its commitment to embedding robust HR practices into the very core of their clients' businesses. The tagline signifies their role in shaping the fundamental structures and cultures of organizations, ensuring sustainable growth and development. 

Founders and Company History 

CHROmosome was established in July 2022 by Anuradha Sharma and Sreerupa Sengupta, two seasoned HR professionals. Sreerupa, having served as a Chief Human Resource Officer for a decade, and Anuradha, a veteran in learning and Professional, combined their extensive expertise to create a company dedicated to revolutionizing HR practices. 

Workplace Vision and Employee Expectations 

At CHROmosome, the goal is to foster exponential growth for clients by allowing them to focus on their business while the firm handles HR challenges. The company aspires to be the most trusted partner for its clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success. For employees, CHROmosome emphasizes happiness, continuous learning, and growth, creating an environment where professionals can thrive. 

Core Strengths 

CHROmosome's greatest assets lie in their ability to approach problems from a strategic viewpoint and deliver practical solutions. Their transparency, honesty, and extensive experience across various industries allow them to address complex challenges effectively. The team’s agility, passion, and dedication contribute significantly to their success, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. 

Path to Success 

Sreerupa attributes her career success to professional honesty, continuous learning, and a commitment to excellence. Her desire to explore new opportunities and improve continuously has been pivotal in her journey. This mindset has prepared her to handle unexpected challenges with resilience and positivity. 

Motivation and Challenges 

Sreerupa’s motivation for starting CHROmosome stems from her desire to solve new problems and engage in long-term impactful work. The journey has been marked by challenges, including mastering multiple roles and developing new skills in sales and marketing. However, her determination and ability to adapt have been instrumental in overcoming these obstacles. 

Unique Services and Future Innovations 

CHROmosome prides itself on its ability to provide customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and values. Their emphasis on continuous improvement and regular reviews ensures consistent personal and organizational growth. Looking ahead, the company plans to introduce innovative offerings that further enhance their clients' HR capabilities. 

Contact and Online Presence 

For more information about CHROmosome Consulting & IT Solutions, visit their website at []( and connect with Sreerupa Sengupta on LinkedIn at [Sreerupa Sengupta LinkedIn]( 

In conclusion, CHROmosome Consulting & IT Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the HR consulting industry, driven by a commitment to client success and continuous improvement. 

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