AntWak raised capital funding by following the ‘Stay Ahead of the Curve’ ideology

On 6 April, 2021, a Bengaluru based startup had raised more than a million dollars in the capital venture round led by Matrix Partners India. Investors such as Better Capital founder, Vaibhav Domkundwar and CRED founder Kunal Shah also participated in the funding round.

AntWak raised capital funding by following the ‘Stay Ahead of the Curve’ ideology

The way ants communicate and share intelligence with each other when they walk. They believe together they can achieve more. The name AntWak is inspired by this act of “collaborative social learning”. In 2020, Basav Nagur, Joybroto Ganguly, Sudhanshu Shekar, Sumit Gupta and Sriramkumar Sundararaman founded AntWak. It is an invention of ex-McKinsey, ICICI, Jio and ex-ISB & IIT alums. 

The startup provides paid and free professional courses across over 15 spheres, comprising digital marketing, cybersecurity and data engineering. The content is designed by competent experts and senior professionals from companies like HCL, Cognizant and many more. It is a revolutionary, byte-sized video platform for professionals to connect, interact and share experiences. It helps them in making informed and calculative career decisions. 

AntWak is also titled as ‘India’s best VC firms in this endeavour’. It follows the principle of “Stay Ahead of the Curve''. It works to provide fresh content and be the world’s largest network of professionals sharing and learning from each other. In this way, they become better, earn more and live a passionate, healthier and happy life. 

“The work AntWak is doing is truly commendable. A platform that enables young professionals for their future career with relevant tools & learning experiences.” said Mansi Dasgupta, Vice president- Marketing IBM.

The platform enables you to transform your career by learning from industry leaders, helps to build holistic skills with deep focus on soft skills and provides in-depth mock sessions and profile reviews to crack interviews.

“Great initiative during COVID-19. Perfect example of improving productivity. Love the balance between tech & personal, soft skills.” said Simone Rostai. 

“We are a fervent group of professors focused on bridging the industry academia gap via our experience-based learning movement. Today the movement brings together professionals from over 500 top brands. The startup will invest the raised capital for creating deeper content and education infrastructure and build world-class marketing and inside sales teams.” said AntWak, Founder, Joybroto Ganguly.

The existing team constituted 30 members, it said it will add 50-100 people to it. It decided to announce its first paid offering in May. It wishes to graduate around 5000 students in 2021. They will also guide students for placements. Ganguly said that the 16-week long paid offerings (live), will cost Rs 50000- 70000. 

“Making our large workforce more employable and equipping them with 21st century skills is perhaps one of the most important strategic imperatives for India. AntWak is on a mission to provide high quality and relevant, yet affordable education to the next set of working professionals and help them to kickstart their careers,” said Rajat Agarwal, Managing Director, Matrix India.