From wedding bells to the bill: Hyderabad based startup aims to fix it all!

It's marvelous that the 38 billion USD Indian wedding industry manages to churn out startups filling gaps with exciting ideas. Especially, when there's an apparent dearth of organized wedding aggregators.

From wedding bells to the bill: Hyderabad based startup aims to fix it all!

The transforming fine art of moving the empty spaces to the wonderland of wedding dreams relies entirely on the wedding décor companies and their artists. From enthralling settings to sophisticated centerpieces, wedding decorators make every effort and try out every possibility to make sure every wedding venue echoes in the songs of love and romance. The wedding dreams of the couple and the family are brought alive with the meticulous creative, and stunning work by the thriving and professional wedding décor companies.

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Wedding road 

Priya Sattoor was super passionate and was all set to become a fashion designer but life had different plans. It was their destiny testing them; a small experimental idea made them who they are today. An Indian wedding – the very words conjure up images of over-the-top opulence, ceremonies that extend to over several days, families draped in fine silks and designer outfits, jewelry that sparkles in the glittering lights and tables laid down with all manner of delicacies. Amidst all this, making sure that everything is working smoothly and soothing ruffled feathers are the wedding planners. Indeed, even the average Indian wedding has grown to such proportions that managing it is no longer within the ambit of uncles and aunts. Here enters the professionals who treat every wedding like the important event it is – juggle budgets, plan unique décor, make sure the designer outfits are ready on time, get the bride and groom, organize the caterer, music, priest, florist…. basically, have their checklist and network geared to go the whole nine yards and make it a wedding to remember.

t all started when Priya moved back to India. Her mom (Anitha Sattoor) wanted to do something productive. She wanted to start a company with everything and everyone you need for a wedding or an event but as they went forward, they started focusing on their specialty, which is design and decor. Meanwhile, in this journey her mom became her business partner. The clients trust and appreciation are honestly everything for them. "Though we know we've done a good job, a little good feedback can go a long way. That is what makes us improve and do better for every event," said Anitha.

Pandemic definitely affected things for them yet, they have done so many events this year. But things have changed, the sanitization for every event, making sure the entire team is safe including them. Shopping material for events is not safe and comfortable now. The event's size has indeed reduced but the love and fun are still the same. Moreover, they love doing intimate weddings!

"My aesthetic is fashion-forward and colorful—with lots of floral and attention to detail. We love using multiple patterns and color variations; I am not a matchy-matchy kind of person. We pride ourselves on our ability to edit. In our designs, we work with what's in season, as well as what's practical, functional, and beautiful at the same time. I love a WOW lighting design; the hues and movements make an event unforgettable," said Priya.