Bridgers: Empowering PR with a Visionary Approach

Bridgers, founded by Anubhav Singh in 2021, is revolutionizing PR in India with a focus on inclusivity and innovative storytelling. They specialize in strategic communication across various sectors. Anubhav's decade-long experience and commitment to diversity drive Bridgers' success. The agency's dynamic team, adaptive leadership, and thought leadership commitment set them apart. Notable projects include a Metaverse launch campaign and a large infidelity survey. Bridgers plans to disrupt the PR and marketing landscape further. Under Anubhav's visionary leadership, they create opportunities for diverse talent, making communication key to their success in the industry.

Bridgers: Empowering PR with a Visionary Approach

Bridgers, a trailblazing PR and marketing agency founded in 2021 under the visionary leadership of Anubhav Singh, is redefining the PR landscape in India. Specializing in crafting compelling narratives, fostering thought leadership, and delivering strategic communication solutions, Bridgers is making waves across diverse sectors, including Corporate, EV/Auto, EdTech, Education, Lifestyle, Crypto, and FinTech.

A Visionary's Journey

Anubhav Singh, the brain behind Bridgers, brings a decade-long experience in media and public relations to the table. His deep-seated passion for communication and media relations served as the catalyst for launching Bridgers as a remote PR and marketing agency catering to new-age brands and startups. In just three years, the agency has witnessed remarkable exponential growth.

Anubhav's vision extends beyond business success. He is committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity by actively seeking talent from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India. This approach democratizes employment opportunities and reshapes the industry landscape.

The Power of Team Bridgers

At the core of Bridgers' success is its diverse and dynamic team. Comprising creative minds, industry experts, and passionate individuals, they are the driving force behind the agency's achievements. Anubhav believes in adaptive leadership that encourages new ideas and sustainable growth, making it a pivotal element in his career success.

A Purpose-Driven Enterprise

Bridgers was born out of a desire to revolutionize the PR landscape and create opportunities for talented individuals in underrepresented regions, particularly Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Anubhav highlights the importance of having the right team and clientele for a service-based business. Striking this balance and progressing with a shared value system has been crucial for Bridgers' success.

Innovative Endeavors

Bridgers' portfolio boasts unique and challenging projects. One notable endeavor was a PR Campaign for the launch of RM Buddie 25, a product of their 2-wheeler EV client, set in the Metaverse. Additionally, they hosted a Press Conference in New Delhi, conducting one of the biggest surveys on infidelity for their Miami-based client, Gleeden.

A Commitment to Thought Leadership

What sets Bridgers apart is its unwavering commitment to thought leadership, storytelling, and empowering talent from non-metro cities. Their ability to customize solutions ensures that each narrative is as unique as the brand it represents. The agency is continuously evolving and plans to expand its remote work, fostering a global outlook that brings together credible marketers and businesses worldwide.

Future Endeavors

Bridgers is not resting on its laurels. The agency is gearing up for new offerings and innovations that will continue to disrupt the PR and marketing landscape in India.

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In an industry where communication is key, Bridgers is leading the way, setting new standards, and creating opportunities for a diverse pool of talent, all under the visionary leadership of Anubhav Singh.