Marc-Antoine de la Rüe du Can - The founder of Ododo

Ododo is a French company, spearheading the space of web based preparing for inn administrators.

Marc-Antoine de la Rüe du Can - The founder of Ododo

SaaS startup Amenitiz has quite recently procured French firm Ododo as it fortifies its situation in the movement tech area. The Barcelona-based group is building an across the board answer for hoteliers, assisting them with building a web-based presence, take installments, create encounters, and see as instructive and preparing devices.

After an extraordinary summer for European travel, one thing has been left clear: the eventual fate of movement is tech-empowered, computerized, and constantly developing. Various travel pioneers appeared to stick around for their opportunity during the pandemic and long stretches of movement disturbance, utilizing it to repeat and develop, making better approaches to travel and support voyagers as much as movement administrators and specialist co-ops.

Accordingly, the movement tech area is quite possibly of the most astonishing vertical in Europe right now. There are promising new businesses creating inventive new items and arrangements, taking care of the ravenous hunger of explorers across the world and tending to new requests for digitalisation and hyper-customized administrations.

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One startup that we positively have had a nearby eye on is Amenititz - a movement tech from Barcelona constructing an across the board administration framework for hoteliers, assisting them with assuming the titans of the area. The startup has now made an eye-getting obtaining as it reinforces its hold on the lookout.

The Details

Only a couple of months in the wake of raising its Series A series of over €27 million in April, the biggest ever for a Spanish SaaS startup, Amenitiz has now gobbled up Ododo in an arrangement that sees it become one of the stand-apart names in European travel.

To date Amenitiz has raised over €35 million from famous VCs like Eight Streets, Chalfen Adventures, Point-Nine, Upheld and Otium Capital - financial backers in the absolute most problematic companies in tech, including Alibaba, Toast, Zendesk, Conveyance Legend, Revolut, Loom and Thought Machine

Ododo is a French company, spearheading the space of web based preparing for inn administrators. The stage allows hoteliers the opportunity to learn and prepare on every one of the methodologies, strategies, tips and devices important to expand their immediate appointments and become more productive. As a feature of the arrangement, Marc-Antoine de la Rüe du Can, the founder of this Nantes-based firm, will join the Amenitiz group as Head of Content. With north of 15 years of involvement with the inn business as a lodging chief, inn consultant and maker of instructive content, his industry mastery will empower Amenitiz to speed up the production of high-esteem added preparing for hoteliers.

Empowering independent hoteliers

Established in 2018, Amenitiz has a reasonable vision to help free hoteliers with better administration frameworks. This cohort of movement suppliers is battling to take on the enormous corporate names in the lodging business and frequently depends on an untidy blend of ineffectively kept up with programming as they attempt to stay aware of the sped up digitisation of the movement area.

Amenitiz's across the board arrangement basically unifies each of the devices a free hotelier could require in one spot - assisting them with helping their web-based presence, fabricate lovely sites, oversee installments, computerize undertakings, oversee stock and art remarkable encounters for their visitors both disconnected and on the web.

Europe is the world's driving traveler location, with in excess of 700,000 lodgings, bed and morning meals and excursion rentals, 80% of which are autonomous properties with 50 rooms or less. Beside managing digitisation issues, of these hoteliers, by far most report issues with regards to enrolling and preparing staff - and this is where Amenitiz presently need to zero in on.

The procurement of Ododo is in accordance with Amenitiz's vision of supporting autonomous hoteliers in better dealing with their properties, not just by giving them superior execution devices yet additionally by democratizing admittance to the information expected to improve their business. Interest in preparing is thusly a legitimate move toward continue to help free hoteliers, particularly in this troublesome period with regards to enlistment.

Alexandre Guinefolleau, CEO of Amenitiz, made sense of: "Free hoteliers are developing in a constantly changing climate that expects them to be constantly keeping watch to adjust progressively to best practices. Notwithstanding, the everyday administration of an inn is occupied to such an extent that they lack the opportunity to do this observing. This is where we need to help them, and the obtaining of Ododo is important for our technique to offer hoteliers what they truly need: an across the board device adjusted to their everyday difficulties and furthermore reasonable exhortation that can be applied consistently, permitting them to quickly affect their outcomes."

Simultaneously, the movement pioneers will use the arrangement to send off their own, The Inn Club - a multilingual preparation stage on which hoteliers everywhere, regardless of whether Amenitiz clients, can track down concrete, instructional and pragmatic preparation, including the Ododo Gas pedal, completely free. The Gas pedal has empowered many free hoteliers to help their immediate appointments, at times as much as 90%, and to make their lodgings more productive.

Marc-Antoine de la Rüe du Can, founder of Ododo and presently Head of Content at Amenitiz said:"Helping free hoteliers face the many difficulties and entanglements of our industry is an enthusiasm. At the point when Alexandre requested that I go along with them in the Amenitiz experience I saw an amazing chance to assist with night more hoteliers. With the means available to us, we will alter admittance to information and skill in an industry that woefully needs it. You have no clue about the fact that I am so glad to have the option to an affect the existences of individuals who get up each day to satisfy their clients. Presently it's our chance to guarantee the satisfaction of … free hoteliers!"