Empowering Ethics, Enlightening Excellence: The Journey of Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development

Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development (OPC) Private Limited, founded by Anil Narain Matai in 2024, integrates Ethical Intelligence (EtQ) and NOVA, derived from ancient Vedas and chakras, with modern business strategies. Anil's resilient journey spans from a sales executive in Taiwan to founding an export house and an events agency, culminating in his return to India to launch a consultancy blending ancient wisdom with contemporary practices. The firm focuses on ethical transformation and personal growth, aiming to foster environments of integrity and compassion. Anil's vision is to inspire holistic growth and ethical awareness in professional settings.

Empowering Ethics, Enlightening Excellence: The Journey of Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development (OPC) Private Limited stands as a beacon of innovation and ethical transformation. Founded by Anil Narain Matai in 2024, this unique consultancy specializes in the training and development of individuals and organizations, with a core focus on Ethical Intelligence (EtQ) and NOVA, a contemporary language derived from the ancient spiritual Vedas and chakras.

A Journey Rooted in Resilience

Anil Narain Matai's professional journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability.

Beginning his career in 1990 as a sales executive for the SindhWork conglomerate in Taipei, Taiwan, Anil demonstrated remarkable prowess, achieving a 25% increase in sales and contributing to a 9% rise in net profits. However, misunderstandings led him to start his first venture in Taiwan, an export house serving West Africa. Despite facing a significant setback due to the devaluation of the Ghanaian currency in 1995, Anil's determination saw him personally resolving the crisis in Ghana by selling goods on the streets of Accra.

By 1996, Anil relocated to Singapore, launching an events and talent management agency. The venture experienced a blend of successes and challenges until 2004. Following the passing of his father, Anil returned to India to support his family, co-founding Brand Nine Doors in 2015, a company dedicated to manufacturing herbal products based on Ayurveda.

Integrating Ancient Wisdom with Modern Practices

The founding of Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development in 2024 marked a significant milestone in Anil's career. This consultancy integrates ancient wisdom with contemporary business strategies, enabling clients to foster environments of ethical awareness and personal growth. By weaving the principles of the Vedas and chakras with modern methodologies, Anil's tailored programs and workshops empower businesses and individuals to achieve their highest potential.

A Unique Approach to Professional and Personal Growth

What sets Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development apart is its commitment to blending Ethical Intelligence (EtQ) and NOVA, enhancing organizational culture and communication. Anil's deep connection with each client and his dedication to holistic growth define the consultancy's mission. The company envisions a workspace where holistic growth and ethical awareness are central, expecting employees to embody principles of integrity, compassion, and mutual respect.

Innovative Projects and Future Endeavors

One of Anil's most innovative projects was managing the launch of Esplanade Theatres by the Bay in 2002. This three-week endeavor involved coordinating nearly 30 artists, each performing two shows daily, showcasing Anil's ability to blend artistic vision with logistical precision. Looking ahead, Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development is excited to introduce advanced workshops on mindfulness in leadership, blending Ayurvedic principles with contemporary management techniques, and developing personalized coaching programs focusing on individual spiritual growth and ethical leadership.

Driven by a Profound Sense of Purpose

Anil's motivation for founding the consultancy stems from a desire to integrate holistic spirituality and ethical principles into professional life. This vision is driven by his commitment to creating transformative platforms where individuals and organizations can thrive, embracing integrity, compassion, and continuous development. Anil's personal journey, marked by resilience and unwavering vision, fuels his dedication to making a meaningful difference in others' lives.


Anil N Matai Holistic Consulting & Development (OPC) Private Limited is not just a

consultancy but a movement towards integrating ethical intelligence and holistic growth in professional settings. Anil Narain Matai's journey, characterized by resilience and innovation, continues to inspire and transform, making a profound impact on businesses and individuals alike. With a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern strategies, Anil is poised to lead his clients towards a future where ethical awareness and personal growth are at the forefront of success.

For more information, visit [Anil N Matai's website and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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