PiMo E-bike launched by IIT Madras incubated startup

An IIT Madras-Incubated fire up Pi Beam Electric has as of late dispatched a maintainable electric bike, named as PiMo. The utility e-bicycle has been produced for individual and business use. It doesn't need a permit or enlistment.

PiMo E-bike launched by IIT Madras incubated startup

Talking about Pi Beam, Visakh Sasikumar, CEO, Pi Beam Electric, said, "Pi Beam Electric expects to give start to finish miniature portability answers for coordination and transportation. We are a lot of enthusiastic individuals who accept the miniature portability market is what's to come. Little and effective EVs planned around utility and which are reasonable are going to rethink how individuals consider EVs. We have sold more than many Electric Trikes on the lookout, for purposes going from squandering the executives to online business conveyances." 

The PiMo electric bike accompanies a maximum velocity of 25 kmph. The model accompanies a swappable battery, which can be traded for a completely energized battery at assigned areas. PiMo has been intended for clients of all age gatherings and is being situated as a redesign from customary pedal bikes. The essential construction of the vehicle additionally makes it practical and simple-to-use for brief distance driving. 

The PiMo additionally accompanies a huge and agreeable seat, while it likewise gets a swing arm instrument and double safeguards. Pi Beam additionally has three different items including the E-Trike, E-Kart and E-Auto discounted. 

"Pi Beam — hatched at IIT Madras — has been productive in coming out with reasonable EV items for various utility applications," Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, IIT Madras, said. "Presently they have drawn out an energizing e-bicycle which tends to a much bigger client base, with an emphasis on developing business sectors, for example, internet business conveyance, shared portability, etc." 

Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor In-Charge, IIT Madras Research Park said: "With PiMo, they've attempted to make an exceptionally easy and very moderate electric bicycle. They buckled down on it, they sorted out some way to lessen the expense, make it a solid utility bicycle."