Small idea became the biggest business model

Nimish Batra is from New Delhi and he has done his schooling from Amity International school. Currently, he is a 3rd-year B.Tech student pursuing CSc. from VIT Vellore.

Small idea became the biggest business model

"Since my childhood, I have seen my father run his own wealth management company for 23 years. It inspired me to start something of my own, so I joined the Entrepreneurship Cell of my college."

This was a sparking moment in Nimish's life as the idea of starting up hit him.

The beginning

"Having studied in college for two years, I have seen students eat snacks to curb their midnight cravings. I realized that most of these snacks are junk, including those provided in the college canteen. These foods are particularly unhealthy when consumed at midnight and can cause several gastrointestinal problems." 

Nimish saw the problem and thought of finding a solution for it. He wanted to provide quality snacks to the students. This idea later led to his business model.

But, during his college time, he never got the chance to work on the idea as he was occupied with his studies and extracurricular activities.

But, since the lockdown Nimish has tirelessly worked on it.

"I got to spend more time with my father. I discussed my idea with him. I formed and rejected up to 15 business models. Then I constructed a model similar to Nutripanda’s. After adding a few bells and whistles to it, I became adamant to monetise it."

Nimish’s perseverance and hard work guided him to break into the snack market.


The battle

Talking about the challenges, Nimish says, "Just like any other startup, Nutripanda has had its highs and lows too. Since our company was born at a time when the pandemic was at its peak, it became especially challenging for us to manage the logistics and day-to-day operations of the company. It was disheartening to see all sorts of unnecessary delay in simple yet essential tasks. It tested our grit and resilience at every step."

We all know how lockdown has affected our lives. Nimish's life was no different. He faced delays in the execution of the smallest of tasks for his startup, be it the production, packaging, product testing or delivery of raw materials. The things that could’ve been completed in two days, would usually take more than 4 days. Everything was restricted because of the lockdown. It took a lot of time to finally start this.

Nimish says, "But, today when I look back at it, I feel proud to have come a long way. And there is still more to go."


The Motivation

Nimish shares, "I am grateful for my family and their support. There were times when I had my lows, and my family always stood by me. My mother, my father, my sister, my friends, everyone encouraged me to work harder. I have a very hard working team and they are another reason for my motivation. When I see my team working towards the same goal and giving their best to the startup, I feel motivated to keep up with the same pace."


A word of advice

Nimish had started his journey during the pandemic, which was a very tough time to seed a business but, here he is, growing and pacing his venture.

We asked him for some advice and he said, "I would like to tell all my fellow entrepreneurs to always keep their skills in mind and have faith in their ideas. Because the day you choose your idea is the day you commit to working on it. As such, it is essential to do adequate research and choosing the right team.

If I have a skill A, I would always go and search for a person having the skills B and C. I won't look for people having the same skillset as me because that would be a waste of time and energy."

Nimish also suggests to not keep a very formal environment around you and instead create a friendly atmosphere with the people working with you. That way they would be able to provide their 100%, happily.