The brighter side of Covid 19 in “The Business World”

Startups have experienced a great surge in innovations. The partnerships of startups have mitigated the business amidst the crisis. The pandemic has opened numerous doors of doing business which was closed earlier and changed the entire scenario.

The brighter side of Covid 19 in “The Business World”

When the entire world is grappling with the crisis, there are always other ways of looking at things. The grass is always greener on the other side. The startups received a whole new side.

Although the pandemic has brought changes in the ways the businesses were running, it did not halt the process altogether. 

Startups like Bounce and Rapido partnered with Kirana stores and grocery startups to combat the business havoc the pandemic had created. Bengaluru headquartered in Curefit launched digital classes and mattress selling Startup Wakefit turned to online solutions. Zomato benefitted much from the crisis. This enabled them to hire good talents

According to Bhavik Rathod, Co-Founder of Bengaluru-based startup Kyt, the business world has witnessed various discreet advantages due to the pandemic. Companies are now paying attention to what can fetch them profits accompanying growth. Kyt is building digital content and video production. So, it is focusing on employee empowerment and the company’s growth.

“We have to imagine building a startup where we won’t have the luxury of fundraising as fluidly as earlier. So startups are becoming wiser and prudent on how they can grow and innovate,” Bhavik says.

The pandemic has nurtured in ways people can't think of. The new ways have provided several opportunities for startups to reach their culmination. With the Advent of the pandemic, remote work became easily accessible by the advancement of new wide-ranged opportunities. The removal of physical boundaries enabled the business to touch upon the areas with a newer perspective. These newer and welcoming ways not only made the business prosperous but employed many. The business carried on an online platform showcases the talent of the employers and experiences a surge in hiring the employers on a daily basis.