These farmers from Maharashtra procured Rs. 6 crores during the lockdown.

Eleven farmers from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra framed farmer maker organization KisanKonnect during COVID-19 lockdown to sell vegetables straightforwardly to clients from Mumbai, Pune and acquire more benefits

These farmers from Maharashtra procured Rs. 6 crores during the lockdown.

The unexpected COVID-19 lockdown declared in March 2020 remaining everybody abandoned, put life at a respite and disturbed routine business. The circumstances of farmers in Ahmednagar of Maharashtra was the same. The farmers offering vegetables and organic products to Mumbai, Pune and other adjoining urban areas abruptly wound up with a huge supply of vegetables and no market to sell them. 

Notwithstanding, the emergency likewise carried a chance for farmers to try different things with groundbreaking thoughts and discover an answer that would work in support of themselves. The issue requested individual farmers who were confronting similar troubles to meet up. Twelve farmers in the area associated through a WhatsApp gathering to think of an arrangement. In April, they entered web-based media to set up associations with direct customers as opposed to depending on the customs brokers and purchasers. 

Just about a year later, in 2021, the gathering expanded to a local area of 480 farmers, framing a farmer producer organization 'KisanKonnect' and connecting straightforwardly with purchasers to sell one lakh boxes of vegetables and building up a Rs 6.6 crore substance. 

Manish More, a 39-year-old farmer from Junnar and an establishing individual from the gathering, says, "The farmers from the district were at that point in contact with one another via web-based media and examining arrangements. When the development for fundamental products opened, 11 farmers met up trying to make an advanced market."