This Indian Deep Tech Founder is building the seedbed for a better world using a Super AI Console for Intellectual Sustainability.

Shubhabrata & his wife Suprava at the announcement of the Super AI Console prototype pre-launch event (Curated by ENHEROES Team)

This Indian Deep Tech Founder is building the seedbed for a better world using a Super AI Console for Intellectual Sustainability.

My wife was a bit upset when I didn't accept a well-paying stable job and rather decided to pursue my mission of connecting the Energy industry with Global Goals 2030. Later when she understood my passion towards helping university students & professionals globally to avail them flexible learning & earning opportunities, leveraging on the fourth Industrial Revolution, she stood by me.

she supported my idea but asked me a question. " Would there be people around you who would help you in this community investment project?" 

I said, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. “quoting from Alchemist.

This is the story of Shubhabrata sharing his story of winning family confidence on a Start-up Venture who is trying to connect the Oil&Energy Industry with Global Goals 2030 to attain Intellectual sustainability through a collective impact approach. Thousands of his peers have supported him on an open platform, generating confidence in his start-up mission.

He achieved the first milestone of his mission by bootstrapping an Impact Startup Venture called ENHEROES   GLOBAL ENERGY at the ASIAN OIL& ENERGY HUB Malaysia making it officially ready for external financing building partnership network to realize their mission of building a better world together.

Now Shubhabrata Samantaray, founder of "ENHEROES Group", a geoscientist, a tech entrepreneur, has invented the World's first Cognitive Intellectual Sustainability Operating System accessible through a Super Console. "ENHEROES GLOBAL ENERGY" aims to redefine the Intellectual Sustainability Business around the Energy & Natural Resources Industry using a collective impact strategy by integrating Technology, Management, and Creativity. It has a vision of connecting the Digital Energy Industry with Global Goals.

Unrestricted access and equal opportunity of learning, earning, innovating, and starting up as fundamental citizen rights of intellectual sustainability in a modern corporate world and progressive civil society.

The Significance Shaping a Responsible Digital Energy Future

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a global financial crisis creating a roadblock in meeting these intellectual needs as well as widening the intellectual sustainability gaps. The sectors like Oil&Energy, Airlines, tourism are due to face millions of layoffs without any industry-led contingency measures.  The covid-19 pandemic triggered a global recession or depression creating a VUCA environment. The world is at acute risk for devastating regional or global disease epidemics or pandemics that not only cause loss of life but upend economies and create social chaos. Covid-19 case has been proven to be a validator of the theory that Pandemic threats are real, highly likely to reoccur periodically as warned in a latest report by WHO. When a global pandemic occurs it disturbs the crude oil market and the social distancing norms cause many businesses to cause loss in wealth built of decades of economic growth.

The prime victims of the such situation are primarily individuals losing their rights of learning, earning, innovating and starting up opportunities becoming an intellectual burden to the society. There is no collective corporate-social contingency system for affected intellectual communities around the world to be able to address the issue optimally.

In a long term scenario Industry expert like WeForum, Accenture, KPMG predict that megatrends like automation and clean energy transition will displace many jobs over the next ten to 15 years, but many others will be created and even more will change. Jobs of the future will use different skills and may have higher educational requirements. McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimates that between 75 million and 375 million people around the world may need to change occupational categories and acquire new skills by the year 2030. The latest Covid-19 induced crisis has just made that intellectual transition journey difficult due to financial distress in intellectual community due to loss of jobs and financial security. 

Being the largest stakeholder of global economy Oil&Energy industry needs high quality learning & implementation solution at affordable cost. The proposed Digital Energy Super Clusters led by the latest AI invention can fill autonomously the gaps in the intellectual transformation and engagement process both at individual and corporate level which accounts to loss of billions of dollars in process.

 At a time when the world was buzzed with Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machines, Shubhabrata was shaping his Vision of co-creating a knowledge based Digital Civilization around Oil&Energy world led by Human Superheroes who would potentially redefine this Business As usual culture integrating Creativity, Technology and Management together to establish a new generation of Intellectual Communities and Sustained Marketplaces championing our planet’s Global Goals or SDG 2030 mission which has been initiated by United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Background Story of Bootstrapping an Impact DeepTech Startup

Shubhabrata Samantaray got fired from a high-level geoscientist job due to volatile market conditions after spending 11 years of global professional career as a Geoscience Specialist. He was unsuccessful to get a Job despite receiving Best Geoscientist Award from ADIPEC.  And despite having years of experience in the oil and energy industry, he did not find any professional engagement opportunity. So, he started looking to change careers, became unsuccessful there as well. So, he started looking deeper into this intellectual Sustainability issue, a fundamental challenge to all industries & communities together.

 He then got introduced to Global Goals 2030 and vowed to find an effective way to make the world a better place while undertaking independent research on Intellectual Sustainability. He started working on building a solution to address the challenges of the global intellectual burden. In parallel he started his research on Intellectual Sustainability and continued bootstrapping to turn his Idea of using Technology, Business & Intellect together as a force for Good to create a positive collective impact. He Learnt about AI, Blockchain & XR from the internet and Design Thinking from MIT. and started "ENHEROES GLOBAL ENERGY” an energy innovation start-up aiming to fill the Intellectual Sustainability gaps as medium to affect positive change.

 “We are focused on incubating, empowering, and engaging futuristic sustainable ideas through an AI-blockchain-extended reality-based intellectual engagement platform,” explains Shubhabrata.

 Starting ENHEROES was not that easy. He started "ENHEROES GLOBAL ENERGY" from his savings and raises funds from family & close friends and continues the in-house research and development activities to build a tech-driven business meant to solve sustainability challenges.

 He worked hard and discovered the missing link in his theory of Intellectual Sustainability and conceptualizes the idea to build a deep tech responsible business ecosystem of shared values in a new kind of Co-Benefit model that would be capable of solving the World's most pressing issues in a collective impact manner. Started designing the architecture of the world's first smart & autonomous software for Global Goals 2030 using AI-Blockchain-XR. He has finally developed prototype of a Cognitive Intellectual Productivity AI Console to ensure Sustained facilitation of Learning, Earning, Innovation & Starting up resources for Communities & Corporations using his Digital Invention.

Potential Application of the Super AI Console

The invention aims to empower the DEEPTECH ecosystem resurging from covid-19 socio-economic distress and champion global goal 2030. As the whole world. The invention can be a key for boosting intellectual productivity while working from home.

ENHEROES has already matured the invention into multiple Intellectual utility startup ventures in-house making them investment-ready impact assets.

The invention has been filed for a utility patent in 2020 after passing the criteria of novelty, Inventiveness, and commercial impact and claims to be the first of its kind responsible AI

ENHEROES finds its invention as an opportunity to capitalize on the global DeepTech revolution to create a positive impact with attractive returns for investors using this patent-pending novel operating system powered by technologies such as AI-Blockchain-XR. As per BCG Deep Tech Companies Attract More Private Investment Funding Than Other incremental innovation-based technology companies while addressing Sustainable Development Goals.

Championing Global Goals 2030

With a Shared Value Innovation approach Shubhabrata’s Start-up ENHEROES   GLOBAL ENERGY is in a mission to build this Responsible Intellectual Ecosystem around Energy Industry with a Codename "MISSION ENHEROES “, heroes who will innovate business values and inspire the stakeholders of Energy Industry to co-create an inclusive socio economic and intellectual values through a knowledge based agile economy. 

His start-up mission has started with a first of a kind global pilot program for intellectual & Economic Empowerment of 1.0 mn youths to be accomplished by 2030 as part of an upcoming largescale collective impact exercise around Oil&Energy Industry. The program shall lay the foundation of the global opportunity gateway for a new kind of Intellectual Sustainability culture that would let the participants discover and create meaningful learning, earning, innovation and starting up opportunities aligned with a Sustainable Energy Future. For him It’s time to build a new era of Oil&Energy together as a global united community.

 Shubhabrata terms his project as the first ever Community Investment Project around Oil&Energy Industry with a goal of creating a large-scale collective impact in line with Global Goals 2030.  ENHEROES is looking forward to commercialize globally in next 3 years.

The Super AI Console Prelaunch Strategy

ENHEROES team is organizing a virtual Press conference in March 2021 to unveil the potential application of the Responsible AI invention and inviting tech reporters from the industry to get first-hand details about the invention utility applications. Tech Reporters who feel the story is worth covering in a Technology Review & wish to attend the Press conference can reach to ENHEROES official website to get more details about the news. ENHEROES team will send the Press Release Kit & slide deck for their further perusal.

Shubhabrata is going to host a series of webinars & workshops titled “How I Built World’s First Super Console for Intellectual Sustainability” exclusively for impact technology enthusiasts & Sustainability activists in an upcoming Technology Conference available freely on his debut Digital Summit Platform. He shall be sharing some hacks of indigenous research, Innovation & potential business opportunities linked with the invention around the Digital Energy DeepTech Ecosystem. The background story behind this indigenous DeepTech invention and registration link can be found at this link 

ENHEROES GLOBAL ENERGY a Malaysian subsidiary of ENHREOES Group established in 2018 engaged in transforming Digital Energy Sector across ASEAN Zone For any business or media inquiry kindly reach or fill up the contact form at