Next Startup Event - Fail Safe (Funding & More)

We are excited to share our upcoming startup event! This time, we'll highlight some of the region's most innovative and interesting startups. We have launched our meetups for the upcoming Next Startup Event - Fail Safe.

Next Startup Event - Fail Safe (Funding & More)

Every month, the Next Start-up Event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the public to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship. Once a month, we invite many startup founders and investors from various leagues and communities who will be approached live on stage while giving attendees the chance to ask any specific questions they may have regarding the difficulties they have encountered while launching their businesses. Start-ups have the opportunity to pitch their venture to some of Silicon Valley's most powerful investors following the interview. Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas will have the opportunity to perfect their pitches and form crucial connections. Start-ups can pitch their companies to investors after the interview if they want to invest in the upcoming big thing.


Who Should Attend the Next Startup Event?

To give your start-up a financial and morale boost, network with the brightest minds in the investment sector, take in mastermind-level content in person, and be exposed to Investors who are rich with cash and value. Get direct access to all of the top investors so you can present your start-up and explain how you want to transform the face of your sector. get the chance to connect with mentors, investors, and other startup founders. The top startups will also have the chance to be featured on our platform, where they can raise money from the neighborhood while developing a sizable customer base.

If you're interested, don't wait to attend the NASSCOM-Gurgaon location of the upcoming startup event!

We have launched our meetups for the upcoming Next Startup Event - Fail Safe.

We are excited to share our upcoming startup event! This time, we'll highlight some of the region's most innovative and interesting startups. This event is for you if you want to connect with and network with other business owners. Let's Talk Startup is a platform hosted by for startups where they can network, share ideas, and discuss challenges.


What will be happening at the upcoming startup event?

Startups have a fantastic opportunity to network and learn from one another at the Next Startup event. Additionally, there will be many keynote speakers, debates, and workshops on various startup-related themes.


Get the answers you need to your problems related to product launches. 

A chance to network with like-minded individuals from different startups

Discuss concepts with businesses at various stages.

Create crazy connections with the founder and investor

Meet potential clients for their company (Collaboration, Partnership, etc.)

Take time to unwind and enjoy your weekend.


What topics will be highlighted at the upcoming startup event?


How to establish a business from scratch will be covered in the following startup event.

This will cover subjects like selecting a business concept, creating a business strategy, and raising capital.

A step-by-step manual for getting started and maintaining timelines

If you can't make 0 to 100, you won't be able to make 100 to 1000, hence you don't need money to start a business.

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or an entrepreneur, the Digital Bounce Back Event is created to help you:

  • Your Hidden Potential, Unlocked
  • Breaking old habits
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Revisit your business model
  • Utilize Technology, Process, and People to Expand Your Business
  • Build a company that puts the needs of its customers first.
  • Create a Culture of High Performance
  • Be a manager, not a worker, and automate your business for expansion.


Why Attend the Upcoming Startup Event?

Attending a startup event is beneficial for various reasons. These events offer great chances to meet other business owners, find out about fresh businesses and connect with potential investors. Furthermore, attending startup events can be a good way to be inspired and motivated to pursue your entrepreneurial desires.

IMMEDIATE ACCESS Speak with the leading investor at the Round Table directly and benefit from their attention.

MEETING FOR NETWORKING Spends a full day mingling with more than 20 high-performing startup CEOs and founders as well as 150 high-performing business, marketing, financial, and legal professionals.

STARTUP TIMES COMMUNITY ACCESS A selected few fortunate startups will be featured on our platform and be able to obtain investment from our community of over 100 startup investors.

PUBLICATION OF YOUR PRESS RELEASE FOR FREE We will be offering free press release publication in Startup Times media publications. Only the future event's version is eligible for this promotion.

With our new 3 EXCLUSIVE INVESTOR CONNECT, these 3 investors will be uniquely available for you, giving you a fantastic opportunity to establish a long-lasting connection with them at the event.

BRUNCH WITH CRUMPETS Because we understand how demanding such high-performance events can be, we've made arrangements for free brunch, snacks, and crumpets to encourage networking among attendees.

Key advantages: 

  • Gain essential business and leadership skills from Stanford faculty of the highest caliber and We Founder Circle business professionals.
  • Obtain a thorough action plan to aid in the expansion and scaling of your firm.
  • Create connections with other leaders and get knowledge of the peer-to-peer support system.

Fail Safe Meetup: Event Details

Date: 10 Dec, 2022
Agenda: We are excited to share our upcoming startup event! This time, we'll highlight some of the region's most innovative and interesting startups. . Its a day on event. Please register for the event day.

Registration Process:

Venue: NASSCOM CoE IoT & AI, Hartron Innovation Hub, First Floor, Plot 1, Udyog Vihar Phase 1, Dundahera Village, Old Delhi Gurgoan Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

Host: Sarfraz Khan & Sunny Ahlawat

Conatct Details:

Whatpp Link:

These days, there is so much information available that it might be challenging to concentrate on the few essentials you need to launch a successful firm. What we feel & believe is that startup entrepreneurs require more than simply funding; they also need coaching. How, When, What, and How to Use the Idea


What Next in Next Startup Event:

What Next in Next Startup Event: Awards for startup and Founder for different category will be nominated.

There are many different categories for nominations, but some of the most common ones are:

-Best Overall Startup

-Best New Startup

-Best Social Impact Startup

-Best Tech Startup

-Best B2B Startup

-Best B2C Startup

-Best Consumer Startup

-Most Innovative Startup

-Best Bootstrapped Startup

-Best Pitch

Founders of any type of startup are eligible for nomination.