Kriti DS- Your destination for the gorgeous bridal look of the most precious day of your life.

Being a bride who doesn't want to look amazing and wants to stand out in the crowd. A bride always desires to look picture perfect by all means in the beautiful shining lehenga and beautiful hairstyle with Gajra.

Kriti DS- Your destination for the gorgeous bridal look of the most precious day of your life.

This entrepreneur helps you achieve all your bridal dreams with the magic of her brush stroke. Kriti Dhir is a Delhi based creative Makeup Artist & HairStylist having professional training in all kinds of make-up and hair requirements. She runs a salon named KritiDS in Delhi. Having started young in this field, she desires to open her saloon all across the country.

Initial Trigger

Like many young girls in her 18's, Kriti wasn’t fond of getting dolled up and using makeup. Many people used to tell her that she never put makeup on her face, you should try. That was the trigger of her beautiful journey. She opted for a personal makeup course. However, the institute enrolled her in a professional makeup course. While learning she observed the joyous environment of decorating a bride for her most awaited day of her life. She used to enjoy between those glittery makeup boxes, soft brushes and gorgeous brides. So, she decided to pursue this as a career. 

Earlier, makeup artists weren’t thought of as a fruitful career choice. This profession wasn’t even famous during those times. It was hard to expect financial stability out of the profession. She did face some objections while pursuing it as a career. Her father wasn’t very confident of her decision, yet he always supported her throughout the journey. 


She started freelancing through Facebook and Instagram pages. She used to upload pictures and videos of her brides and makeup on social media handles. In the budding days of her career, she got a decent number of customers. She earned great goodwill among her clients with her excellence and perfection in her work. Day by day her customer base increased. 

Once, she landed a big project of two days and earned INR 100,000. She went up to her father and gave her the amount of Rs. 100,000. He was extremely shocked and surprised. He couldn’t utter a single word out of happiness and pride. He had tears of joy in his eyes. He realized and told Kriti that “Now, you should open your own saloon. I have high hopes for you and I believe you will do wonders.” He put all his savings and the first saloon named “Kriti DS '' was inaugurated. 

The brand-new saloon added wings to Kriti’s dream. She multiplied her hard work and determination. She started putting makeup tutorial videos over social media handles. As a result, her number of salons started growing. With a growing business, she expanded her saloon and acquired 4 shops. Soon, she built a brand new, spacious, elegant saloon to manage all her work at a single place. 

Biggest Huddle

Kriti’s business was generating good revenue. The customer base and the saloon were expanding. Kriti and her whole family was happy. After one year, an MCD Officer came and sealed her saloon for some legal reasons. Kriti had 20 appointments of brides on that day. She was frightened and panicked in order to find space to at least do the makeup of the brides who had already booked their appointments. Finally, she decided to turn her house into a saloon. She completed the makeup of her clients in her house. 

His father asked sometimes in order to shift to a new place. Soon, they found a beautiful space and within a month shifted. Her father was her biggest support system in the dark days. 

Paved the way of Success 

From that day on, there was no turning back. She only took her saloon to new heights. 

As of now, she doesn’t want to go for celebrity makeup. She wishes to continue with the bridal makeup. She believes and proudly claims that her gorgeous brides are her celebrity. Her social media handles have been a boon to her. She takes pride in her makeup and her happy brides are proof of her skills, mastery, and dedication. 

Recently, she had also done the makeup of Ginni Chatrath, wife of Kapil Sharma on her grand reception day on December 14, 2021 in Amritsar. They also saw Kirtis’s work on Instagram account kritids and contacted her for the appointment. 

"We are Self Made"- Kriti Dhir

Currently, she is running a training academy as well, to provide a hands-on learning experience in the field of makeup and styling. The best part about this artist is the various roles she plays as an entrepreneur, a trainer, a customer-focused person.

Often people used to refer to her as a self-made woman. However, she denied it completely and said, this salon is not only my hard work. The success she achieved is the result of her three pillars, her father, mother and sister. She said without them I wouldn’t have gathered the courage to walk miles crossing all hurdles and run my own saloon. "I am not Self Made; we are Self Made," Kriti said.

She has a reach of more than 400k Instagram followers. Kriti has also been rated among the top 10 makeup artists in Delhi for three years consecutively by several magazines, award associations, etc.