NEXT Startup Event – Fail Safe by Startup Times in association with NASSCOM & F6S

Every month, the Next Start-up Event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the public to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship. Next Startup Event is a theme based monthly where we have specific agenda to give value proposition to the founders & Startups.

NEXT Startup Event – Fail Safe by Startup Times in association with NASSCOM & F6S

Every month, the Next Start-up Event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and members of the public to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship. Next Startup Event is a theme based monthly where we have specific agenda to give value proposition to the founders & Startups. Entrepreneurs with innovative ideas will have the opportunity to perfect their pitches and form crucial connections. To give your start-up a financial and morale boost, network with the brightest minds in the investment sector, take in mastermind-level content in person, and be exposed to Investors who are rich with cash and value.


NASSCOM COE- Hartron Dec 10, 2022 Event will be hosted by NASSCOM  which focuses on deepening engagement among stakeholders in both ecosystems, providing favourable business environment and necessary guidance to startups from Idea stage & early stage for sustainable growth of their businesses.

In a bid to kickstart the struggling start-up ecosystem across india, Sunny Ahlawat & Sarfraz khan of Startup times in collaboration with NASSCOM CE & IoT has today announced the launch of Next Startup Event Fail Safe with panel of prominent speaker. A first of its kind unique initiative of Startup Times – Industry – Startup & Stakeholder Partnership, the program will provide a platform for entrepreneur, young professionals and start-ups to interact with industry leaders, investors, leading technology companies and industry mentors to build collective capabilities for the industry in the struggling stage of the startup post COVID-19.

About the Next Startup Event

The Event will further provide an opportunity for start-ups to interact with industry leaders, leading technology partners and government initiatives to support innovative solutions and get an understanding of problem solving and other challenges in building scalable startup. Nurturing in the form of strategic consulting, helping in getting incubation, leadership mentoring at every growth stage will be provided along with access to markets and support in raising funds.

We are a community of passionate people who share in the same vision and dream. We want to help each other grow and succeed, by sharing knowledge, ideas, and ideas. We believe that our community is the engine of our success. So let’s use it to drive our business forward by helping each other grow. We have a lot of great ideas, but we need to make them happen.

We believe that every startup needs a community to help us grow and scale our businesses. So we’re giving you the chance to help startups reach their full potential.


 Speaking at the Curtain Raiser Day of Next Startup Event at NASSCOM-COE how the initiative will enable interaction between the Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Startup from the different industry,

Palakh Khanna Founder/CEO@Break.The.Ice |UN SDG Regional Officer(Asia-Pacific), Nidhi Sharma - Founder and Designer - BREATHE, Prof(Dr) R K Suri - Former VC, Investor: Health, Education & FinTech, Institution builder, Clinical Psychologist, Relationship, Wellness Coach, Deepak Solanki- Founder & CEO @ Velmenni | Researcher | TEDx Speaker, Sumit Jain - Building SaaS for Dairytech, Kewal Kishan - Business Automation Expert, Virendra Sharma Mentor of Change-AIM,  Maj Pawan Kumar (Shaurya Chakra) Tedx Speaker , Samyak Jain - Founder & CEO at , said, “We are proud to partner with Startup Times Alliance to increase engagement for the startup ecosystems. Startuup Time has been serving the founder and Entrepreneurs to more than 20,000 startups and India provides a huge market and growth potentials to emerging startups for where there are many untapped area’s still left to explore. This Event will offer a great platform to Indian startups who are at growth stages to get guidance on how to enter the scale and break the entry barrier in market, and will provide founder an opportunity to collaborate with the other entrepreneurs, industry experts & stakeholders. We look forward to building meaningful relationships through this collaborative alliance.”

Salient features of Next Startup Event action plan & Agenda

IMMEDIATE ACCESS Speak with the leading investor at the Round Table directly and benefit from their attention.

MEETING FOR NETWORKING Spends a full day mingling with more than 20 high-performing startup CEOs and founders as well as 150 high-performing business, marketing, financial, and legal professionals.

STARTUP TIMES COMMUNITY ACCESS A selected few fortunate startups will be featured on our platform and be able to obtain investment from our community of over 100 startup investors.

STARTUP PUBLICATION PRESS RELEASE FOR FREE We will be offering free press release publication in Startup Times media publications. Only the future event's version is eligible for this promotion.

EXCLUSIVE INVESTOR CONNECT, these 3 investors will be uniquely available for you, giving you a fantastic opportunity to establish a long-lasting connection with them at the event.



Hosting the Next Startup Event at NASSCOM-COE, Sarfraz Khan, CEO, Devobyte & Startup Times said“The Indian Startup Industry was moving with a rapid pace before the COVID-19 from a pre-dominantly service-oriented approach to a more innovation driven Product centric approach. There was a wave of entrepreneurship and innovation like never before and Sunny Ahlawat of various startup initiatives is at the forefront offering new solutions, promoting the innovation ecosystem in the startup world to find applications for emerging technologies in real work scenarios. This joint initiative of Mr SUNNY AHLAWAT & SARFRAZ KHAN will serve as a platform for intelligence-sharing and technology collaboration between stakeholders, evangelizing and mentoring India’s startup latent, untapped talent in emerging technologies and to build collective capabilities in the field of advanced technologies in the state.”

10:00 AM: Warm Welcome: Startup Join the hallway and have mutual Discussion (The post-pandemic digital transformation challenges).

10:15: AM: Refresh your Senses Hot supper for the guest to getting started with cold breeze with hot coffee

10:30 AM: Panellist on the Podium: Best industry expert join the panel for Discussion

11:00 AM: The Session:  Round Table Session – One Hour Version, Speaker will speak individual and address the community.

12:30 PM: Refreshment & Joy: we understand how demanding such high-performance events can be: brunch, snacks, and crumpets to encourage networking among attendees.

1:00 PM The concussion:


These days, there is so much information available that it might be challenging to concentrate on the few essentials you need to launch a successful firm. What we feel & believe is that startup entrepreneurs require more than simply funding; they also need coaching. How, When, What, and How to Use the Idea


Last Minute Takeaways

  • Business lessons learnt from the first and second wave of COVID-19
  • The role of NASSCOM in helping Startup to adopt cloud solutions and automation in field of AI & IOT
  • How Startup can enable the dynamic shift in transition to grow & Scale
  • Gain essential business and leadership skills from Stanford faculty of the highest caliber and We Founder Circle business professionals.
  • Obtain a thorough action plan to aid in the expansion and scaling of your firm.
  • Create connections with other leaders and get knowledge of the peer-to-peer support system.