How these college students understood market demand and came with a startup

Kavach venture provides top-notch mentorship from experienced educationists from all over the country, seniors and alumni of India's top colleges and other professionals from their extensive network.

How these college students understood market demand and came with a startup

The road to success is never an easy one. Becoming an entrepreneur is a challenging task because knowledge is not enough; you need a specific set of skills that are a must in order to be successful in what you do. You have to be patient and work hard until you reach the top. Everybody would love to have their own business so that they can be their boss and make a lot of money, but if they lack essential skills that an entrepreneur must have, they are not going to be able to deal with the responsibility and the hard parts of what running a business means.

Shrest Gupta and Saanya Khunger graduated from high school in 2020 and were planning to get into college. It wasn't very easy though as the options were endless. They somehow managed to get through it independently but understood the amount of added pressure and confusion it creates.

Duo then got admitted to Hansraj College, University of Delhi. But while all of this was happening, they had no clue they'd be the founders of a startup. To start with, it wasn't the idea of the startup that came first but the problem associated with it, and this is exactly how it should be. They believe that's what makes you work harder towards your goal. They had seen so many high school students out there who are confused about how to go about their careers. Although one can always try out career counselling but that's merely a money-making business these days. So they underwent a detailed discussion on how academics would be much easier to handle if you had the right kind of guidance. They understood the situation a little better as they had been through the same in the recent past; that's how they came up with Kavach – a one-on-one personalised mentorship at a very affordable price. Kavach is a utilitarian edu-management and consulting startup that provides personalised mentorship to high school students in academic and career fields.

Being student entrepreneurs, it is obviously not easy to handle the team and work along with college. There have been and still are times when the team isn't the most productive. They are all they really have to make it big. All of this is a laborious task, but every time they came out of it by analyzing the scenario and coming up with the strategies that were in the best interest of one and all. 

Anyone would feel like giving up after seeing the challenges that entrepreneurship has to offer, but what keeps Kavach going is the urge to enlighten the young minds that need to be set free to fly high in the pink sky, their sky. They go to the mentorship sessions personally to examine those students' problems and devise the best possible solutions. The enthusiasm and passion that the students have, fuels the purpose of Kavach.

They provide one-on-one mentorship sessions, academic assistance and tips and updates to crack all your different fields' examinations. In addition to this, they care about the well-being of every high school student. They will be providing different sessions on stress management, dealing with lack of motivation and other crucial mental well-being subjects. They look forward to gaming up in the career consulting field and take their startup to another level. It has already started a revolution in the career consulting field. They've been touching new heights every day and impacting the lives of so many high school students.