A startup for hustle free online transaction

The horror of forgetting passwords, the anxiety of not receiving OTPs to retrieve them and the nightmare that overshadows can be eliminated by the startup SAWO Labs.

A startup for hustle free online transaction

One-time password (OTP) plays a key role in facilitating the additional level of security. However, some customers complain that they don’t receive an OTP making them go through the tedious process again and again. 

Prabhat Sahu founded SAWO labs to aid this problem. It is a customer-centric and device-based secure one-tap authentication solution for apps and websites illuminating the need for password authentication or OTP. It provides an end-to-end encrypted and secure solution and claims to reduce the authentication costs.

The idea was born in his head when he wasn’t able to login to his Hotstar account for hours and his mind clogged with various reasons for the hindrance of OTP. He thought of simplifying the process.

The startup functions of three pillars- cost, convenience and security. The competition in the market bothered him too. But he believes that his startup has its uniqueness as it aims towards making the existing process simple and secure.

It was never easy for Prabhat to climb the ladder of success. He went through numerous hurdles. Finding people who believed in the solution was a tough task and pandemic complicated it further. But the founding team was startled to see the response. Initially, he was torn between multiple responsibilities alone which encompassed hiring, client calls and coding. To ease his burden, he employed people in the first 50 days of establishment. 

Another obstacle he faced was with the Neo Banks, who handled the OTP feature. It turned out to be the toughest transaction for the startup. He said that banks were unwilling to compromise on their revocation feature and desired the friction that enabled them to revoke user’s access. Prabhat says, “Having them cross that bridge was a mammoth task, but we did manage to work it out and earn their trust.”

Crossing every obstacle by winning over them, Prabhat didn’t stop here; he has future plans for his startup. It aims at developing the express check out the feature in the next 18 months to end the dependence on recurring use of OTPs.