Dr. Mallesh Mandha - The man behind CHOVSAFE "Safe Lungs Safe Nation"

Initially, Dr. Mallesh was short of investors which was a big challenge to startup any industry. Apart from this, human resource was less as he was not from marketing area.

Dr. Mallesh Mandha - The man behind CHOVSAFE "Safe Lungs Safe Nation"


To start with, Dr. Mallesh Mandha is an experienced clinical pharmacist (7.5 years) and experienced manufacturer of nutraceuticals (3.5 years). He worked as an assistant professor for 2 years, after then he pursued his MBA from France where he served as a Business Development Manager. His primary interest is laid in the manufacturing and production of nutraceuticals. Henceforth, he began exploring and analyzing in this area. During his investigation, he concluded that most of the European countries who manufacture these products utilize the raw materials and ingredients abundantly from India and China. When the products are ready to use, they sell it back to India and other countries. This smart strategy turned on his brain. The idea clicked and he thought that when he himself has the vast knowledge and background of pharmaceuticals, why not to establish his own company? At that moment, he was working with nutraceutical industry, consequently he was stuffed with the plans and ideological strategies on how a firm works and conquer the markets.

Fabricating unique combinations of nutraceutical ingredients to create excellent products was an easy task for him. As an expert in this field, he made up his mind to collaborate his learning of pharmaceuticals and produce the nutraceuticals products which are distinctive and peculiar. Thereupon, he got a spark to establish his own company wherein he can manufacture products which are exceptional and treatable for chronic diseases.

Finally, he concocted his company in August 2020.

“Strength and growth only come through continuous effort and struggle.”

Initially, Dr. Mallesh was short of investors which was a big challenge to startup any industry. Apart from this, human resource was less as he was not from marketing area.

Fortunately, his friends and students joined hands and promised to leap bound together. They all filled their pockets with currency and commenced the first foot in conjunction. As a result, the company was established…OXYLUS.

The premium product manufactured in his industry is the CHOVSAFE which has a tagline of ‘SAFE LUNGS SAFE NATION’. The motto behind this catchphrase was the prevalent disease of COVID-19 which has grabbed the entire globe. The medicine can be used for above 13 years of age. Multiple experiments were conducted to create this extraordinary product. The product was well accepted by the South Indians viz. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore as the results were awesome. At the present moment, the company is able to provide nutritional supplements and protected the lungs of more than 50,000 consumers in 1 year.

Identifying the uniqueness and wellness of the product in Guntur, a district in Andhra Pradesh, the District medical officer granted permission to supply the medicine in 18 Covid Care Units which was indeed a triumphant and great achievement. To the contentment, now the other hospitals and health centers started looking for the product. They began following him and tried to contact him for the medicine. As a matter of fact, this was a significant success! Thus, it is aptly reiterated that “you are the artist of your own life”.

His feelings outraged, when he heard Europeans calling India a 3rd world nation. Though, the fact was that they ordered and used the raw materials from us itself. This was a challenging inspiration for Dr. Mallesh to retort heatedly back to them. After stepping into Indian market, for a moment, he was little afraid and skeptical whether the people will accept the product or not. As observed, the fixed mindset of any person is hard to change. To any new medical product launched, the doctors and patients throw numerous questions and enquire manifold.

First six months were the most challenging for his company to set foot in the market. No single medical professional was ready to read about the product. They didn’t seem interested in the medicine. Thereafter, the scenario turned upside down when the government gave approval to distribute the CHOVSAFE in 18 Covid Care Centers. The doctors, then, realized the significance of CHOVSAFE and began enquiring about the products. This situation made Dr. Mallesh too understand that focus should be on quality and not economy.

As an amateur, he also wanted to fill his bag with notes and coins in a short period of time. Though, later he perceived that his thoughts were in wrong direction. Henceforth, he changed his way towards raising quality standards which ultimately raised the economy. He had invested for marketing and to his astonishment, his revenue profit displayed almost 10x of the investment. Because he was from a low financial family and low community, the success which he achieved held everyone’s head high. The victory boosted his confidence to work more and more. Forthwith, the investors from all the four directions began enquiring him. Now, they wanted to invest in nutritional line as they saw profits in this sector as well.

While pursuing education in European countries or USA, the focus of any student is always towards high standards of living. But after living there for 2 years, Dr. Mallesh noticed the reality on how we Indians are stultified. We are buying our own products at high cost. Although, he had visa for 2 more years to stay there, yet, he left that country and returned back to own land to manufacture the self -made product. He wanted to showcase his knowledge of pharmaceuticals and benefit his own people. His main mission was to reach out to every person and empower them with nutritional benefits. In November 2019, he materialized his documents, collected ingredients and started manufacturing from December 2020. He wished to establish a unique foundation as Covid-19 was the challenge before him to serve the Covid survivors.

According to his theory, people seem more interested towards the technology and wants to work with IT department as these jobs are lucrative and profitable. Therefore, most of the investors want to put their money into the companies which are technology based. They are not fascinated towards the healthcare sectors because the return is slow.

Dr Mallesh Mandha have been honored with the award “BUDDING ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2021” for Food supplements on September 9,2021 by IBN MSME Hyderabad.

To conclude, Dr. Mallesh advices to the readers that to run any business or a company, health should be the priority. Without being healthy and fit, one cannot enjoy technology. The focus on both the sectors should be parallel.

The philanthropy activity of OXYLUS cannot be counted. OXYLUS is donating 5% of its income towards women empowerment, 5% for child malnutrition, 5% for education below poverty a total of 15% collectively, towards Telanagana and Andhra Pradesh villages for the education of 2 students and donations to charitable trust.

The Team at Oxylus –

  • Pavan Kumar Makani is the Co-Director, founding member, Chief Operational Officer of Oxylus Nutraceuticals; Graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, he is with 5 years of hospital experience and has encountered ample clinical rounds at Sri Venkateswara University of Medical Sciences. 

  • Purushothama Reddy Kudumula is the Co-Director, founding member, Chief Quality Officer of Oxylus Nutraceuticals; Graduated from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai, he is a qualified Clinical Pharmacist specialized in General Medicine. He holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacy with a major in Adverse Drug Reactions from the Sunrise University, India. He has 12 years of combined medical and academic experience in clinical studies. 

  • Pola Bogeswara Reddy, Chief Marketing Officer of Oxylus Nutraceuticals; Graduated in Doctor of Pharmacy from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. He is with 5 years of extensive Clinical exposure in Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati. 

  • Srividya Puppala, CEO and Founder, ENSCONCE Masters from University of Massachusetts Lowell USA. She is the backbone of Oxylus when it comes to public relations and marketing. The team highly regards her as she has played an important role in getting Oxylus to the position where they are today.