From home tutor to startup CEO

Experts believe that blended learning formats that have emerged organically will define the future of education in India, which has been plagued by information scarcity and lack of access to quality learning resources.

From home tutor to startup CEO

The shortage of teachers is a global reality. According to UNESCO, there was a need to create 1.6 million teaching posts to meet the goal of universal primary education by 2015, and this is expected to rise to 3.3 million by 2030. 

In India alone, there was a shortage of over 5 lakh teachers in schools in 2015. Besides, an additional 6.6 lakh teachers needed teacher-training.

Deep Desai believes; building a product because you can't find it anywhere else may be the biggest cliché, but sometimes it is what is needed. You understand problems when you face them personally.

 He has completed his Masters in Engineering from a well-known college of Ahmedabad, the 'Nirma University.' During his postgraduate study, he used to give a diploma degree in engineering tuition to the students at his home. After that, he went to Gurugram to do the job in the IT sector and worked there for three years. His last package was seven lacs there, but he needed to shift to Ahmedabad as his elder brother was suspected with cancer. He shifted to Ahmedabad, accepted a job in less package but at that time he was not happy with the work and the work culture there. Thinking about it a lot, he finally resigned.

There was no scope of getting the same pay scale as he was getting there in Gurugram, thinking he started giving home Tuition. He daily used to travel 12 km to give home Tuitions and at the end of the day was earning Rs 4000/ month from it. Day by day his tuitions were increasing and so was his travelling. He used to run the whole day to earn money and respect. Deep understood that there's a difference between hard work and work that is not yielding anything.

After giving home Tuition for one year, he understood that there's a massive gap in education quality, which can only be filled up by a talented tutor by giving personal attention. Fees of personal Tuition was so high at that time. He started Book My Home Tuition in 2018 to empower youth and educated housemakers. He believes that if a college student has adequate knowledge, they can easily teach and earn up to 8000 Rs per month, minimum. It also helped parents by getting a quality education at low fees and then too at home.

Ideas open roads 

There are always some people who will question your abilities and your decision but these people will never have answers to those, you're the one who can show them the answers by proving yourself. After Deep gave up his job in Ahmedabad, people and relatives started asking him about tuitions and questions like "Why are you going for home tuitions instead of a proper job"? or "Why don't you settle here fast with a job in your hands"? Deep never listened to them. At the end of the day, respect and money are the things that matter and that he proved them. He believes that there is no synonym for hard work. The person who was going home to home for giving tuitions is now providing part-time jobs and new opportunities to college students and Educated Housewives.

"My one startup idea was selected in IIT Kharagpur for the Semifinal. But due to lack of funds, I can't give my best but it never made me lose my hopes. Respect is the only thing which keeps me motivated and I'm getting it in this field. From being called "Deep" in the IT field to "Deep Sir" in the Education Field keeps motivating me."

Reaching more students

They have covered half Ahmedabad City by marketing and by delivering home Tuitions. And are on their way to hire more talented college students and Educated Housewives to deliver quality education at lower fees. Going ahead, he wants to make its learning platform accessible to students from different states. 

 On asking for some words of advice for young entrepreneurs and other readers, Deep said, "The mantra for success is doing the work you love the most and to never compromise with the quality of work."