"Easyoffices.in" a comprehensive guide on how to do a start-up.

Onkar Jha, a boy who thought of becoming an entrepreneur in seventh grade is now the founder of "Easyoffices.in" "EasyOffices.in" is a start-up which helps people in starting their own business, from creating websites to getting their business registered. "Easyoffice.in" is more like a comprehensive guide on how to do a start-up.

"Easyoffices.in"  a  comprehensive guide on how to do a start-up.

Onkar wasted about  1.5 yrs thinking of what business to start. He thought about starting a Clothing company, a Gym, a café, etc.

He was not sure of what to do and how to do it. He wasted his 1.5 years in thinking.

The only thing he realized in these 1.5 years was that everyone wants to start but most of them fail to do so.

So in Sep 2020, he started "Easyoffices.in", To help others who want to do a start-up.

He faced many challenges one of the biggest challenges was that they were new to the market, hence people were not trusting them. To overcome this, they started approaching small business owners, retailers and took feedback from each of them. So that others can trust them after seeing the feedback of people whom they have already worked with. Another issue faced by them was managing their staff. "In India, our education system doesn't teach us to become a leader and hence we were not able to lead them properly, this is the most difficult part, said Onkar". He is working hard to overcome this limitation.

"We strongly believe that people want to start things on their own but they are not able to do so because of the Indian system, where starting a business is still a big headache. Some people are technically good but they don't know Marketing, Some know Marketing but don't know about legalities. That's where we want to help people to provide them with a one-stop solution in starting up their business, Onkar said".

Currently "Easy Office"  has more than 15 happy customers, and they are helping them every month. 

"The only advice I want to give to the readers is, that If you trust your Idea, leave every other thought and just start, Onkar said".