Rutu Biosystems: Pioneering Waterless Urinals to Save Billions of Liters of Water

Rutu Biosystems: Pioneering Waterless Urinals to Save Billions of Liters of Water

Rutu Biosystems, led by Co-founder & Director Kedar Kulkarni, is revolutionizing sanitation with biotechnology. Founded by Mohan Kulkarni in 2007, Rutu focuses on odour management, providing sustainable solutions for hygiene and waste management. Their flagship brand, BIODOC, emphasizes cleaning for well-being, offering biodegradable solutions.

Initially targeting garbage odour, Rutu expanded into washroom hygiene, developing waterless urinals that conserve water and mitigate odour. Unlike competitors requiring infrastructure changes, Rutu's consumable-based approach is cost-effective and eco-friendly. One urinal conversion saves 27,000 liters annually, potentially conserving 13 billion liters with widespread adoption.

In India's fragmented hygiene industry, Rutu stands out for its scientific approach. Kedar Kulkarni highlights odour and awareness as consumer challenges, emphasizing Rutu's conversational approach to tailor solutions. Rutu's products not only save water but also reduce carbon emissions, aligning with environmental concerns.

Over the past decade, Rutu witnessed a shift in consumer awareness towards conservation and sustainability. Looking ahead, Rutu aims to be a leader in odour management, targeting a five-fold increase in waterless urinals to save even more water.

Rutu Biosystems exemplifies how innovative solutions can address pressing environmental issues while enhancing hygiene and well-being. As they stride towards their goals, Rutu inspires us all to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.