The 19-year-old boy proved that age doesn't matter to start a business.

Jeet Chandan, the founder of Help Udaan Foundation(NGO) has recently launched his own company, 'Entremax Global Solutions.' Right now he is an investor and invests in certain types of startups.

The 19-year-old boy proved that age doesn't matter to start a business.

Currently, he holds a majority stake in 4-5 startups. Jeet mainly invests in tech startups and tech services. They have also planned to come up with a mobile application for the same, within 6 months of its launch. 

He also owns a jewellery line. Also, there are 2 startups related to tech services which he plans to bring by February or March.

The Initial Journey

Right now, Jeet's age is just 19 years old. Jeet shares with Startup Times, "When I was 15, I used to sit at my dad's office where I started learning about- how to develop apps, mobile software, websites and more."

"By the age of 16, I went to an Australian Jain International residential school where I lost my hope of building mobile software and designing software but I had developed a specific interest in business by then. So, what I did was; I started my own NGO and soon I got to know- how to do a business because my NGO's main motive is to make people self-sustainable and self-reliable."

Through this NGO, more than 300 people became self-reliable which includes small sewing machine shops. They created tea packets and also manufactured small departments of blind schools etc.

So basically, through the NGO, they help people grow their source of livelihood. Rather than just providing some donations, they provide them with money for investing in their ideas or business.

The Corona Phase

The outbreak of covid19 has manipulated many lives and Jeet's was no different in this matter. Like many, he too had to face several challenges after the lockdown as his business and NGO came to a halt for a while.

From March 2019 to April 2019, Jeet was constantly thinking of creating something new. He went into a deep state of thoughts where he was frequently developing new ideas to implement, to do something new in his life. By the end of May 2019, he managed to convince his parents and people around him for his new business. And finally, in June 2019, he initiated the work for 'Entremax Global Solutions.'


Thinking about an idea is not enough: to implement the idea into a real business, one must have ample funding. Hence, the challenge for him, now, was funding. The 19 years old Jeet went to his father for help. His father helped him and provided him some funds to start his business. But this was not enough so Jeet, somehow, managed more rupees from here and there and started his business with an initial investment of Rs.1 lakh. And today, he has invested in a total of 5 startups. So, what he did was, he started giving tech services which were his USP because he is good at creating applications and software. He started selling these and raising funds from here. Jeet mentions that whatever income he gets, he invests all of that in his startups.

"I don't invest even a single penny on me or for my expenses. My only aim right now is to invest in startups. I want to invest in around 50 to 70 startups in the next 5 years, where the sum raised from the startups could grow and become the Unicorn. I am positive that this will come true."

Challenges Could Be Easy Too

On asking him about the challenges, he faced during his journey, Jeet smiles and says, 

"I don't think that there are any challenges. Whatever challenges we face are easy. It is all about perception. If you think that your challenges are tough then it will only make your life tougher which will keep you away from succeeding."

Still, rarely you will find a success story without challenges. On asking him further, he mentioned that he too came across a few challenges. The biggest among them was the registration struggles for his NGO. It was a 6 months long process including all the kinds of bribes asked by the politicians and the officers. Some common struggles include- convincing parents and family, handling study as well as the business together, balancing work and academics simultaneously.

"Convincing parents for money was a task to do but still I am very grateful for their support. My father, Mukesh Chandan and my uncle, Vikram Chandan, really helped me a lot in my tough times. I am lucky in this matter; not everyone gets support from their friends and family especially, when you are young but in my case, they stood by me and I got great support from all of them."

For Jeet, his struggles seemed easier because of the support he got from his father and his close ones and he shares his gratitude towards them.


On asking him- what keeps him going, Jeet mentions his father. He shares an incident with Startup times, 

"Last November, I was in a fund crisis. I urgently required some funds. At the time, my father came to my rescue. Although he didn't provide me with any fund, he guided me, he showed me ways to generate funds. It wasn't any loan or anything I had to borrow, he reminded me of the various creditors who had to pay me money for my apps services which I was not able to recover. My father guided me. He gave me certain ways to recover those payments and this way I was able to generate funds for my company and overcome the crisis. So, he was always there for me."

For Jeet, his father is his support system as well as his guardian angel. He admits proudly that he was unstoppable in the journey because his father is always there for him. 

The Future Plans

Jeet is a very visionary person at such a young age. On asking him-where he sees himself in the coming years, he says cheerfully, 

"I vision my startups to grow, not just one startup but right now whatever portfolio I have in my startups, I want to see all of them grow immensely."

He is also planning to launch 2 startups by the upcoming March and April. Jeet wishes, "If everything goes right then, in the coming 2 years, some great firms will take these startups."

We wish good luck to Jeet and we hope his future plans will come true.

Age Should Never Be The Barrier

For Jeet, the biggest challenge was his age as he is just 19 years old and people still think that kids at his age should focus on studies rather than investing their time in things like business and startups.

To this, Jeet says, 

"Don't care about people. Whatever you want to do- any age is right for that. You don't have to wait till you come of age or till your age is right for doing business according to societal convenience. If I talk about me; I wasted some of my years listening to the people. I could have started earlier and I don't want anyone to commit this mistake. For me, either no age is right or any age is right to start a business. You only need the willpower to take the initiative. Don't be afraid to fail. The failures make you more experienced and at the end, you will always understand your mistakes and from that experience, you will end up doing something new."