Step up your Ecommerce Business Game with the Triad of DIGITAL DUKAANDAAR

In 2018, a gust of education startup came to lend a hand and change the perspective of all the aspiring entrepreneurs towards Ecommerce Business. Nishkarsh Sharma, Srijan Bhardwaj and Sidhant Jhunjhunwal founded the Delhi based startup with an intention to share and ameliorate the journey of budding entrepreneurs.

Step up your Ecommerce Business Game with the Triad of DIGITAL DUKAANDAAR

The three ex-engineers, while hunting for time, financial and location independence, tried various online business models in a span of 5 years. The dedication and hardwork of the trio witnessed success in their e-commerce Business model. The success stories ruled the hearts of many entrepreneurs. They were inspired and possessed keen interest in online eCom businesses which laid down the foundation of Digital Dukandar.

Nishkarsh handles the customer success, training and coaching department, Srijan handles the marketing, conversion and strategy part and Sidhant handles the sales and operation department with a team of 11 employees. The brand opened the gate for people to start, grow and scale business in the online mode. 

In the last 2.5 years, they have gained a community of over 12 thousand members with POD entrepreneurs having different backgrounds. They have got 5-star reviews by more than 2500 people. The brand itself made $1 million+ for their clients. The Print on Demand business is embracing the struggles and pains of small POD business from the past 3 years. They have generated over $4 million+ in the Print on Demand business. To sell their products, they have spent more than $1 Million in Facebook Ads. Their client’s success story is also posted on social media handles of the brand. They show how the clients made their first set of sales, crossing a $1000, $10,000, $100,000 to up to $400,000 in sales.

E-commerce Business

The e-commerce business flourishes: 24/7 global access, improved client service, flexibility of working hours and is also cost effective. This is what Digital Dukaandaar offers to all entrepreneurs and businessmen. There is a misconception among people that you must have your own product, manufacturing and shipping units to start an eCommerce business. The reason is the unawareness of the term “Drop-Shopping''. 

The Drop Shopping helps in outsourcing various facilities like manufacturing/designing/shipping the product or pre buying any product. So that you can focus on the crucial aspect of the business i.e., marketing and customer satisfaction. It is done by selling products which can fit under the owner's brand name and can fulfil the requirements of target customers with paid advertising. The fulfilment partners take responsibility for manufacturing, packaging and delivery.

What’s on the Digital Dukaandaar’s plate?

Digital Dukaandaar works in the same manner. They offer a variety of programs like signature training program, Digital Dukaandaar program and mastermind events. They organise an eCom Freedom Challenge to motivate and help people in starting an eCom Business from scratch. 


Print on Demand (POD)

Digital Dukaandaar not only practices Print on Demand but mentors same to it’s mentee. In POD, you can sell 300+ varieties of products like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Face Masks etc with your own designs/quotes. 

The co-founders believe that the beauty of POD is you can hire a designer and get design printed on any product of your choice. Then you can sell and show the designed products to customers live on your own website. Under their guidance you can learn to create eCommerce stores using Spotify. 

“These guys are simply genius. They read the situations in an amazing manner. Due to them I scaled my POD business from $0 to more than $300k in just 12 months. I feel that they have the skills through which they have been doing that for me for the past 18 months. The Digital Dukaandaar program is a perfect platform to learn Print on Demand and that’s where I started my journey. When I look back, I find Nishkarsh’s support and guidance has been the key factor which in changing my life.” Mukul Mishra says.

Digital Dukaandaar Program

The Digital Dukaandaar Program offers 6-weeks of live group Q&A Calls where Nishkarsh mentors the people on their problems and struggles. You can be a member of 500+ like-minded people with the same zeal and enthusiasm and can grow with them. They provide a support desk to hold your back in the entire journey. Pre-recorded training sessions and assignments are provided. So that you can learn as per your convenience. A team of dedicated members is always beside you to keep an eye over your assignments as well as your progress. The lifetime access to the videos and updated content is the cherry on the cake. 

The Digital Dukaandaar Program has helped me build my eCom store from scratch and touch $2k/day (highest till date) and a total revenue of over $80k in the past 9 months. I express my deepest gratitude to Digital Dukaandaar for helping me in this journey. I have myself made a lot of mistakes during this process, but the live trainings helped me improve them one after the other Apart from the technical E-Commerce guidance, he has been a great coach at the mindset level.” Aman Kumar says.

The Program adds feather in your cap

One who is planning to start or run a POD Business should consider Digital Dukaandaar. The program covers basics of eCommerce, Print on Demand and the way business works. It builds a winning mindset to conquer all the struggles in business. It will guide you throughout the research and apt sources. One of the factors for doing business is generating monetary value. With this the choice of right payment solutions comes into play. The program directs you throughout the program in the manner that you always choose right payment solutions. It guides you to opt a right fulfilment partner who provides quality products and timely delivery services. So that your POD business runs smoothly. 

Digital Dukaandaar is planning to offer some new signature programs, which will help in solving the biggest problems of eCom entrepreneurs. They are continuously developing the platform to help and engage more entrepreneurs on the board. The trio wants eCom businesses from India to grow on international platforms.